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Review & Demo: Charmsies Iron-In Hair Charms

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June 15, 2015

I’m always looking for super easy ways to spice up my hairstyles. I will admit that I definitely invest more time and effort into my makeup than my hair most days, so anything that can make it look like I tried when I really don’t have to is a must-have is in my book. When I came across Charmsies, I thought they’d be a cute and easy way to add dazzle to my hairdos.

Review & Demo: Charmsies Iron-In Hair Charms | Slashed Beauty

Charmsies are iron-in hair charms that stick to your hair by applying heat to them for a mere four seconds. They come in a variety of shapes and finishes, from fancy jewel-like stones to the rocker-chic studs I’m wearing above. To show you how easy they are to apply, I filmed a demo/first impression this past weekend. Watch it below:

After editing the video of my first application, I noticed that there should have been six charms but for some reason only five ended up in my hair! Bizarre, because there were definitely no charms left on the plastic. Throughout the day, two more fell off and I was left with three by night time. I will admit that I tend to touch my hair a lot, which could have contributed to them loosening up quickly.

I liked that it added the illusion of wearing a hair accessory like a headband, without the headache or extra weight in your hair. You’ll totally forget these are ironed-in (which was why I kept accidentally running my fingers through my hair).

Review & Demo: Charmsies Iron-In Hair Charms | Slashed Beauty

I slept with the remaining three, and they were all still there by morning which was impressive. I popped them off though, because I thought it looked less deliberate with only three. I didn’t need any extra product to remove them… just a little tugging will loosen them from the strands. How they actually stick to your hair is still a mystery to me.

The process was easy, and they’ll at least last you a day, so Charmsies are a fun way to add a little extra fun to your hair really quickly. I can definitely see these being popular for weddings or other formal events; they’ve already been spotted in movies like Disney’s Cinderella and on the red carpet.

You can find select styles for $10 (pack of 48 charms) at Forever 21, or check them out on their website.


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