Red Carpet Worthy Red Lipstick Tutorial

    I love award season… and pretty much only for the red carpet looks. The actual shows are way too long and run past my bed time, but all the glamour that’s shown off beforehand is the best part anyway. The past two red carpet events have served up some of the hottest new beauty looks, but there’s one that shows up time and time again over the years that is too classic to overlook: the red lip.

    Red Carpet Worthy Red Lipstick Tutorial | Slashed Beauty

    Keeping red lipstick looking great all day takes a little more effort than just one-and-done application. But a luscious red lip will always be in style, so knowing how to create the look is essential to any makeup repertoire.

    Red Carpet Worthy Red Lipstick Tutorial | Slashed Beauty

    What You Need:


    1. Just like when you prime your face and eyes, priming the lips will help your lipstick apply smoothly, and adhere better for a longer wear.
    2. Since matching reds can be a challenge, use a neutral lip liner to outline your lips. This will help define the shape but also create a second barrier so that your lipstick doesn’t feather.
    3. Using a lip brush is always a good idea when it comes to red lipstick. If you’re using liquid lipstick like I am, squeeze out and apply a small amount at a time and build up to your desired color strength. Otherwise, pick up some color from a lipstick tube onto the brush and do the same.
    4. Time to take your lips to the next level! Grab a couple Q-tips Precision Tips to start cleaning up the edges of your lipstick. The tapered ends are specifically designed for easy beauty touch ups, and provide a clean, precise outline to your bold lip. I use the Q-tips Precision Tips to help exaggerate my cupids bow, and swipe along the edge of my bottom lip for a crisp pout.

    Red Carpet Worthy Red Lipstick Tutorial | Slashed Beauty

    The Q-tips Precision Tips are portable and convenient to throw in your clutch for touch ups, like after eating. They’ll play a big part in keeping your red lips looking hot all night long. They also come in handy for touching up any smudged eyeliner, shadow, or adding concealer on the go. Grab a pack of 170 for $3.29 and get more ideas on how to use them on Q-tips’ Pinterest boards.

    What’s your favorite red carpet look?


    I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


    1. What an excellent tutorial! Absolutely the perfect use for Q-Tips! I will definitely pick up the Precision Tips on my next trip to CVS!

    2. I definitely need the precision tips after seeing this. I use the regular ones to touch up my makeup but sometimes they are just a bit too fluffy for my needs. Your lips are just perfection! I need this lipstick!

    3. I love these little precision Q-tips! Your red lip tutorial is just perfect, priming and using a lip brush are musts for perfect red lips.


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