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Recent ColourPop at Ulta Beauty Haul

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July 5, 2019

Last week, Ulta Beauty sent out a 20% off coupon and I thought it was the perfect excuse to go see what was new at my local store. I’ll be honest, I’m a big online shopper, but browsing the store can be a fun way to discover new items with the eye-catching displays and testers, if available.

The first thing that caught my eye as soon as I entered the store was the brand spankin’ new ColourPop display! Previously, I couldn’t pick up ColourPop at my store— they only had a few limited edition mini sets in the travel section near the register. Within the last couple months, though, they’ve put up an aisle end-cap featuring a limited selection of the brand’s permanent lipsticks, shadows, palettes, and face products. With my 20% off coupon in hand, I basically swatched the entire display.

First up, they had an entire aisle kiosk dedicated to the No Filter Concealers, with testers to boot! I hadn’t ever tried ColourPop’s complexion products, so I tried finding my shade right away. The first thing I noticed when swatching in store was that these concealers oxidize heavily, with major shade changes once they set. I highly encourage you to try them in-store and wait a few minutes before determining which one to purchase. I settled on Medium 28 which is a little bit warm for me now, but after a couple days of summer sun, it’ll be a perfect match. The finish is matte but not dry-looking, and looks great both over and under my foundations of varying finishes. Coverage is medium-high, and it’s been doing well on my acne and hyperpigmentation.

I recently threw out all my old ColourPop Super Shock Shadows— they had been sitting in a drawer for 4+ years, and considering I’ve always applied them with my fingers, probably weren’t that sanitary anymore. The problem is, I’m a palette lover. I don’t like using singles for my eyeshadow, and that’s that… unless I’m doing an all-over, one shade look. I’ve been doing a lot more of these recently for really quick eye looks just to add a bit of color and dimension. With that in mind, I looked for colors that I could use specifically for that purpose.

I landed on Deep Dive, a bronze with gold and pink glitter, as well as Set to Stun, a rose gold with holographic glitter. I’ve been using both all over the lid, as well as incorporating them into other full eyeshadow looks, and I’m very happy with my purchase. These are versatile shades, yet unique to my collection so I know they’ll continue to get used over time.

Finally, it was about time I tried the ColourPop Blur Lux Lipsticks. I had only ever tried their liquid lipsticks and had always been curious about the traditional style bullets. I chose the shade Mesmerize, which is a medium rose color that I think is perfect for year-round wear, but definitely bright enough to be worn for colorful summer looks.

The formula for this lipstick is very unique. It’s almost got a powdery feel once applied. Don’t get me wrong— it glides onto the lips and feels creamy while passing over the skin, but immediately sets to a powder finish. They’re not quite matte, though they sort of feel it… without being uncomfortable. It’s like nothing I’ve tried before, one of those you just have to try it yourself products.

Being as that ColourPop is such an affordable brand anyway, I made it out spending roughly $15 on everything. Not a bad haul at all. This new in-store availability of ColourPop is definitely going to be dangerous for my wallet, though!

Have you spotted any ColourPop at Ulta Beauty in-stores yet?

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