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New Makeup Multitasker: Makeup Revolution Balm Glow Review

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February 15, 2023

If there’s two things we know about makeup trends in 2023, it’s that 1) dewy looks are in, and 2) everyone’s looking to streamline their routine. The new Makeup Revolution Balm Glow claims to have you covered on both fronts, and ya’ll… I’m actually obsessed. And I don’t use that word lightly.

Tins of Makeup Revolution Balm Glow lying open on a marble surface | Makeup Revolution Balm Glow Review | Slashed Beauty

The Makeup Revolution Balm Glow is the makeup multitasker of my dreams. For $8, this all-in-one can be used on the lids, cheeks, and lips for a juicy glow with buildable color. It looks stunning on bare skin or on top of makeup to achieve that glass-skin appearance.

There are six shades available ranging from barely-there neutrals to bold pinks and plums.

Makeup Revolution Balm Glow Swatches | Slashed Beauty
Shades swatched at full strength, and sheered out

Above I’ve swatched each shade at full strength, then sheered out for a softer look. These do build up quite nicely if you want stronger color payoff, particularly that first row of pinks. As you can see, they have quite a glossy look that adds the wet-effect highlight to the skin and lips. When wearing these as a blush, I don’t find the need to highlight over my cheeks because the shine serves all the highlight I need.

Has anyone else noticed that so many lip-and-cheek duo products just don’t sit right on the lips? This is one of the first multipurpose makeup products that actually feels and looks good on the lips. It feels balmy, looks shiny, and the pigment stays even, like your typical tinted lip balm.

Wearing the Makeup Revolution Balm Glow in Peach Bliss & Natural Nude | Makeup Revolution Balm Glow Review | Slashed Beauty
Wearing Natural Nude in my hairline and temples, and Peach Bliss on my lids, cheeks, and lips.

How to Use the Makeup Revolution Balm Glow

While this is product is meant to make your routine easier, there may be a learning curve if you’re not familiar with this type of consistency. Here are my tips on how to apply the Balm Glow for the best results:

  • Use a brush: If you want even and long lasting cheek color, use a duo-fiber blush brush and a stippling (patting) motion to apply. This will apply the balm in a thin, even layer you can build up and helps it set as much as possible. If you’re wearing foundation underneath, this is the best technique to avoid pulling it out of place.
  • Tap on for a glow boost: Using a brush can give you a little less glow because the application is more diffused. If you want more of the wet look, tap on a little extra with your finger at the high points of your face.
  • Don’t powder over: This product is not meant to dry down. It will stay tacky due to the glossy look and feel. If you powder over it, it will cake up and look patchy.
  • For lids & lips: pat on with your fingers
  • If you have oily skin: stay away. You’re most likely not going to like these. They are best for normal to dry skin due to the fact that they stay feeling un-set.
Open tins of the Makeup Revolution Balm Glow | Makeup Revolution Balm Glow Review | Slashed Beauty | Slashed Beauty

Is it a Jones Road Miracle Balm Dupe?

It’s no secret this product seems similar to the $38 Miracle Balm from Bobbi Brown’s Jones Road brand. While they are both great multitasking makeup products, there are some key differences.

Some shades of the Jone Road Miracle Balm are encouraged to be used all over the face to add dewiness and brighten your skin. On the flip side, the Miracle Balm is not intended for eye use. The Balm Glow shades probably won’t work as well as an all-over face product.

Both balms feature Jojoba Seed Oil for the conditioning effect it has on skin. The Jones Road Miracle Balm also contains Argan Oil and Ginger Root Oil, and uses natural fruit oils for its fragrance. The Makeup Revolution Balm Glow compliments the Jojoba with Macadamia Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, but has added fragrance.

It’s also important to note that the Balm Glow also contains Mineral Oil, which could be a red flag for acne-prone skin. It’s occlusive, which means there’s potential for pore clogging. Be sure to cleanse thoroughly before and after using the Balm Glow. I personally have sensitive, acne-prone skin and haven’t had issues yet.

I haven’t tried the Jones Road Miracle Balm and so can’t speak to the difference in wear time or pigmentation.

As far as performance goes, the way this wears will largely have to do with your skin type and skin prep. I’ve mostly tested it over my Catrice True Skin Foundation, which sets demi-matte and makes a good base for dewy products without them slipping around. With the brush technique mentioned above, I can get this blush to last throughout the day with minimal fading, but it will smudge if I touch my face. It’s not going to be as bulletproof as a matte blush, you just have to go into it knowing that.

One thing I’m not a fan of is the packaging. If you own multiple, there’s no way to tell from the outside what shade is inside. No color marker, and no shade name printed on the label. Such a random oversight but incredibly annoying.

I’ve been reaching for these non-stop for simple no-makeup makeup looks since they landed in my mailbox. They’re perfect for the clean girl makeup trend, glass skin makeup trend, cold girl makeup trend, glossy lid trend… frankly, the Makeup Revolution Balm Glow is the key to unlocking every popular makeup look of 2023 so far.

– Miranda

8 Responses

  1. Lisa
    | Reply

    I got the sunkissed nude. At target tonight. It’s great. And only 8 bucks. Sure beats paying 38.00. Live the color!

  2. Ness
    | Reply

    Gorgeous makeup look. Thanks so much for sharing. I like the natural makeup look and I’ve purchased a few.

  3. Audrey
    | Reply

    Oily Skin Stay Away? No Way!

    Works great on my oily skin. These balms work for all skin types. No exclusions.

    How did you come to the conclusion “you’re most likely not going to like these”– just based on how the product feels? Maybe you should research a little more, or just ask a small sample group.

    BTW– The facial application picture only shows what a minimal, sheer layer looks like. You can definitely build the color up to look more flattering.

    • Miranda
      | Reply

      Super glad you love them, thanks for sharing your experience! Actually from interacting and learning from beauty consumers for my 10 years doing this, a common complaint with products that don’t set all the way is that they don’t last or in general don’t feel great to those with super oily skin. Especially if you were to layer this, you definitely get more color and more of that dewy look but you also have more product that won’t set all the way on the skin. In my experience, most beauty lovers with oily skin have a fine balance/preference to how much more shine they add 🙂

  4. Robin
    | Reply

    Thanks for posting swatches! I found it so odd that Revolution didn’t show swatches on skin, and neither did Ulta. Look pretty but with summer coming, I’m afraid it may be too oily.

  5. Catharine
    | Reply

    I absolutely love this stuff! Thank you for the detailed review. You look lovely.

  6. Emily
    | Reply

    Makeup Multitasker? More like a magician! I don’t know about you, but I have trouble just applying foundation without looking like a clown. Now, they expect us to trust that it can do three things at once? Just be prepared to look like a toddler who got into their mother’s makeup when you’re finished. But hey, at least you only need one tool for the whole disastrous process! #MakeupMishaps #NotAMagician #MoreLikeAScienceExperiment

    • Miranda
      | Reply

      These are actually pretty sheer unless you go in with several layers to build up– so they won’t go on too strong or bold and give a natural wash of color like you see in the photo where I’m wearing Peach Bliss on my eyes, cheeks and lips ☺️ (at least, *I* don’t think I look like a toddler in that photo lol) Especially for those who don’t want to have to juggle several products and learn how to use all of them, this is a great option!

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