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New Drugstore Skin Care Products to Try This Season

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February 11, 2016

Welp, there goes winter! Holy cow, the weather change in L.A. over the past week has been ridiculous! It was a good 50 degrees over the weekend and then yesterday it hit 90! Where the heck is this El Nino everyone was talking about?

While some are thankful for the abrupt return to typical California weather, my skin is not. I’ve never seen such a rapid change in my face since… puberty? Luckily, there is a storm of new drugstore skin care products hitting shelves this season that can do us all a little good to get through our transitional skin care woes.

It’s been a hot minute since Garnier released new skin care, and their latest launch has the beauty world abuzz: another drugstore micellar water! The Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water is about twice the size of my long-standing favorite from Simple, but the formulas differ. This one has a thicker consistency that seems a little more heavy duty when it comes to makeup removal. I still use it as more of a pre-cleanse step, or in the morning when I tend to shy away from harsh cleansers.

The brand also has new moisturizers out— the one I’ve been using is the Garnier SkinActive Clearly Brighter Daily Moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF 15. It’s a thin but hydrating formula that is great as the weather warms up, and has vitamin C to brighten and even out your complexion.

We all know that coconut oil is life. It will help hair, skin, nails, and probably even your boyfriend problems. The Yes To brand recently launched their Yes To Coconut line with three new hydrating products.

The Yes to Coconut Ultra Hydrating Facial Mask only needs ten minutes to give you intense moisture to sooth dry skin with virgin coconut and avocado oils, along with detoxifying natural clay to purge pores.

The new Yes to Coconut Ultra Hydrating Overnight Eye Balm is my favorite. My eyes get so dry while I sleep, and are also prone to eczema. This treatment blends coconut oil, shea butter and argan oil for ultra hydration and supple skin in the morning. Note: this one is going to be an ULTA exclusive.

Finally, the Yes to Coconut Ultra Hydrating Melting Cleanser (another ULTA exclusive) is going to make washing off the day even easier. It dissolves dirt and makeup without stripping your skin, infused with coconut oil and moringa seed oil. Squeaky clean feeling without the pulled tight aftermath.

e.l.f. is blowing me away with their new releases! On top of adding to their skin care line with new cleansers and moisturizers, they threw two new tools into the mix! For cleansing, try out the new e.l.f. Cleansing Duo Face Brush which offers both bristles and flexible silicone points for cleansing all corners of the face. It’s almost like a manual mash up of a Clarisonic and Foreo Luna. The bristles are really soft while the silicone makes me feel like I’m getting a deep clean and gentle exfoliation.

After cleansing, grab the new e.l.f. Facial Massager, which rejuvenates skin with its rolling wheel of pressure points. This type of massage helps the skin absorb your products easier, so you get the most out of them.

Looking to release that inner glow? Try the new Pixi SkinTreats Glow Mud Mask and Glow Mud Cleanser. The Glow Mud Cleanser is another double duty product that not only deep cleans, but exfoliates with 5% glycolic acid. Hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and avocado oil put the luminance back into your skin after the cleanser washes away dirt and makeup. Follow up with the Glow Mud Mask, which absorbs oil and draws out impurities while ginseng & aloe vera balance your skin and leave it radiant.

Speaking of micellar water, ULTA is making it even easier to use with their new Micellar Water Make-Up Remover Cleansing Pads. The tub comes with 30 large rounds that are textured to help remove makeup and exfoliate the skin. They make it easy to wipe and go, and you can get your whole face using only one wipe— a perfect gym bag or travel essential!

Which new drugstore skin care product does your skin need this season?

3 Responses

  1. Katie M
    | Reply

    It’s almost been a full month of using that new garnier brightening moisturizer and OMG I love it, it’s so amazing and hydrating. I love how one pump will do my whole face and a little left over to do my neck area. Also it’s got orange smell and it’s so lovely in the morning, the cleansing water I can’t wait to try it. I’ve heard so many good things about it, Yes to products I’m still new too will defiantly need to check these out some great picks.

    Katie | http://ktmcgworld102.blogspot.ca

    • Miranda | SlashedBeauty.com
      | Reply

      Yes I’m loving the moisturizer. It really hits the spot in the mornings while setting a good base for my primer and foundation!

      • Katie M
        | Reply

        haven’t tried it under make up yet, not a day make up person. ( I work with kids don’t need it ) But I love how this feels on your skin it’s so light but it’s enough to keep my skin moisturized the whole day.

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