New & Budget Friendly: Practk Makeup Brushes Review

Hi, I’m Miranda and I am a makeup brush hoarder. Part of the problem is I hate washing my brushes, so keeping my collection large means I always have a clean one ready. Of course, that makes the actual process miserable because then I’m washing 50+ brushes. Seriously, I’m planning a declutter video soon… but until then, why not add some more to the mix, right?

New & Budget Friendly: Practk Makeup Brushes Review | Affordable Makeup Brushes | Slashed Beauty

Okay, the truth is I was not planning on adding to my brush collection, but then I heard about Practk. Practk is a new brand that was actually created by Sigma Beauty, who are known for their brushes. Practk (pronounced “prac-tik” like “practical”) is the budget-friendly sister of Sigma, with individual brushes starting at $6, plus sponges and brush cleaning products. I’m personally a huge fan of Sigma brushes, but they can get expensive if you’re looking to fill up your collection. I was really excited to see Sigma take the best parts of their brushes and find a way to make them more affordable and accessible with Practk.

New & Budget Friendly: Practk Makeup Brushes Review | Affordable Makeup Brushes | Slashed Beauty

I have six out of seven of the current individual brushes they’re offering, a mix of face and eye brushes that are all cruelty-free and synthetic. These brushes are incredibly soft and honestly feel like any other Sigma brush that I own! No idea how they were able to cut costs for themselves in order to sell these more affordably, but they are pretty dang close to the more expensive versions. Also, the website states that the brushes come with a free 1-year warranty which I’ve honestly never even heard of with brushes. So that’s a cool little touch if anything seems wrong with what you receive. Let’s take a look at the makeup brushes you can buy separately:

1. Small Blend Brush ($6) This small blending brush fluffy but actually a bit of a flatter shape than a typical dome-like blending brush, so it’s great for working color into your crease. Because of the shape, this can also double as a lid brush with softer shadows.

2. Brow/Lash Brush ($8) Your typical brow brush with an angled side and a spoolie side. I like the extremely sharp edge on the angled side, so you can get super defined brows! The synthetic bristles make this brush awesome whether you’re using powder or something thick like pomade.

3. Concealer Brush ($8) This concealer brush was made for me! I love soft and rounded concealer brushes because they can really soften up the look under the eyes or blend out product over problem areas seamlessly. This one is pretty big which I absolutely love since you can cover a lot more area with it. I use it in a patting motion to maintain coverage of my products while blending the edges.

4. Angled Foundation Brush ($9) Now, sponges have been my favorite method of foundation application for a few years now, but this brush is actually bringing me back to the brush side for some formulas! This is awesome for thick liquid foundation to get it really buffed out. I’m also loving the angled shape and have used it for blending cream contour and blush together. This brush is dense, so it’s great for heavy products.

5. Bronzer/Contour Brush ($9) A staple in anyone’s brush collection, this is your typical angled face brush. I prefer it for blush over contour because it’s very soft and flexible— good for blending out for less of a precise look.

6. Highlighter Brush ($9) I love the shape of this highlighter brush! The long tapered shape lends itself for easy blending and precise application. This brush is flexible but surprisingly dense so I can see it working really well for packing on powder highlight for a strong effect.

New & Budget Friendly: Practk Makeup Brushes Review | Affordable Makeup Brushes | Slashed Beauty

There is also a brush set that would be a great sampler of the brand and a start to any brush collection. The All-Star Brush Set is only $25 for five brushes, making each one break down to five bucks each. The brush set includes a Blush/Powder brush, Foundation brush, Large Blender brush, Shade brush and Liner brush. These feature exclusive synthetic and antimicrobial bristles so they don’t hold on to bacteria and they’re easy to clean.

New & Budget Friendly: Practk Makeup Brushes Review | Affordable Makeup Brushes | Slashed Beauty

Practk also offers a Power Blender makeup sponge ($9) which is my jam. It’s a thicker sponge so it’s not as squishy as some others I have tried, but that also means it’s not soaking up as much product. It still gets large and bouncy when wet, and does an awesome job blending out makeup without sheering it out— perfect for the full coverage products I use. Because of it’s texture, it’s also great for applying powder for baking. I like the flat side which makes spreading foundation easier, and the pointed tip gets into corners.

New & Budget Friendly: Practk Makeup Brushes Review | Affordable Makeup Brushes | Slashed Beauty

Now, here’s where it all started! Practk first came on to the scene with their Palmat, which is basically a small hand-held version of the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat. The original mat is a must-have for me, because it makes the cleaning process so much easier and gets alllll the gunk out of neglected brushes. The Palmat has basically all the same textures all on a double-sided glove. You can either wear it on your hand or stick it onto your sink (which is what I prefer to do, so I have a hand free for wringing bristles out). I’m obsessed with this, especially for travel, since it’s so handy and convenient. Literally all the power of the mat in a more affordable and compact design. This even comes with a 2-year warranty!

New & Budget Friendly: Practk Makeup Brushes Review | Affordable Makeup Brushes | Slashed Beauty

Overall, I am super excited about Practk and can’t wait to see the brand grow even more. They’re taking some of the best qualities of Sigma and making them more accessible and budget-friendly. If Practk ends up expanding their line, I could see them being a real rival to the brushes in the drugstore.

For now, they’re available on Amazon.

Are you a fan of Sigma? Would you try Practk brushes?


  1. I am so happy that I found your review. I am planning to start teaching self-makeup lessons, so I am looking for affordable brushes for each of the students to work with. My personal collection is made up of Sigma brushes, but they are quite costly and I would prefer not to invest in 8 Sigma kits and instead look for a less expensive alternative. Do you think that the small blending brush is the dupe for the E25?
    Thanks again for your review!

    1. It’s definitely close. I mean the quality is SO similar, I honestly don’t know where they’re cutting costs to make these brushes cheaper!

  2. Hi Miranda, I am a fan of your blog. I read it everyday. When you have a chance could you do a review of the Physician’s Formula cleansing cream?

    1. Hi Maribel, thanks for reading! Which one? Do you mean the coconut eye makeup remover or the Matcha cleansing balm? I reviewed both of them in a recent video on my YouTube Channel!

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