Monthly Favorites: February 2014

    Monthly Favorites: February 2014

    Is it me, or did the past two months really fly by?? I seriously can’t believe it’s already March! I have been waiting for this month for soooo long because I finally turn 21 in 8 days! I’ve always been the baby of my group of friends since starting college, so I’m stoked. Anyway, since this month went by pretty quickly (it is, after all, the shortest month of the year), I’ve got a rather short monthly favorites post with only four beauty products that really stole my heart.

    Products Mentioned:

    • The Wet Brush [Review]
    • Maybelline Color Tattoo in Caramel Cool [Review]
    • e.l.f. Tone Correcting Concealer
    • Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color in Violet Addict

    Non-Beauty Monthly Favorites

    gaiam ball

    I work a desk job during the day, and go to school all night. I hardly have time to go to the gym anymore besides the weekend (and sometimes, even that’s a stretch when all my errands and blog tasks are pushed to only two days!). I realized that I’m sitting down for about 14 hours a day, and my body doesn’t like it. To help keep my muscles working, even just a little bit, I purchased an exercise ball to use as a chair! I got the 65 cm Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit on Amazon for $20, and it came with a pump and exercise DVD (which I haven’t actually watched, yet). I’ve been loving it so much. I can bounce up and down while playing music, and I have to be conscious of how I distribute my weight so I don’t fall over. I also find myself getting up more because I can’t just roll my chair to the other side of the room to get something. It’s been proven that sitting on an exercise ball burns more calories than sitting in a regular chair… why not, right?

    Image: M&K Serial Bloggers

    Grey’s Anatomy Spoiler Alert, You’ve Been Warned! HOLY COW, it’s been a loooong two months waiting for Grey’s to return and find out who April would choose! Of course, since I’m #TEAMAVERY all the way, the season 10 return had to be included in my favorites! I was worried for a second that because of her born-again ways, April might just go on and marry Matthew. Thank goodness that didn’t happen, and she’s eloping with Jackson, instead! *SQUEE*

    What has been on your radar this month?



    1. Milani is the talk of the town this season! I can’t wait to pick up some lippies – they seem amazing this year. I love my Wet Brush, too – but I will never give up my heavy plastic wide-toothed comb. I got it for $1 at Sally’s, and have never found it again, and it is my holy grail hair tool for my long curly mop.

    2. The Wet Brush is seriously one of the best things that happened to my hair, it’s that amazing! I think I’ll probably buy them as presents for all of my female friends and family members 🙂


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