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New at Ulta Beauty: Hits & Misses from Models Own

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May 15, 2017

I’m always stoked when the makeup scene welcomes a new brand. Models Own has been established in the UK for years, with some availability in the US from limited runs at Forever 21 and online sales. However, the brand recently just released products at Ulta Beauty, giving them more visibility than ever. I was eager to play with some of their popular items an see what Models Own would bring to the budget beauty scene.

The first product I tried was the Vintage Rose Eyeshadow Palette. The first thing I noticed was the awesome balance between mattes and shimmer shades. That’s something I always look for in a palette to determine whether or not you can get a full look out of it, and believe me— you can get many from this one. The shades are super smooth and buttery, and blend really nicely. However, you get a lot of powder kickback in the palette (which is surprising, considering their texture). The darker shades will also give you a little bit of fall out.

Aside from those minor shortcomings, this palette impressed me with its performance. The pigmentation was good and buildable, showing up strong on my medium skin tone. They also lasted over 10 hours on me with very minimal creasing over primer. Despite its name. the shades have a good range and aren’t too overly rose-y. You definitely have enough to create subtle daytime looks and sultry, bold ones. I also love the packaging, which is ultra-slim and travel friendly with a full size mirror inside.

The other two hits for me include the Flawless Concealer Palette and the Sculpt & Glow Highlighter Powder.

The Sculpt & Glow Highlighter Powder is an ultra-strong and glowy illuminator fit for any insta-queen. I’m usually pretty hesitant when it comes to powder highlighters, as they tend to look chalky easily, or have too much noticeable glitter in the formula. NOT THE CASE with this one. The shimmer is fine, so you’re left with a strong sheen instead of sparkles. The shade I have is Peach Pearl, which has a pink opalescent shift to it.

I’m also really enjoying the Flawless Concealer Palette— mine is in Natural 02. The palette includes four shades that you can mix to create your custom shade, though the bottom left one matches me perfectly! This is an extremely creamy and slightly thick concealer. I would definitely consider it full coverage, and it’s best when built up in thinner layers. It also requires setting with powder to last more than 4 hours. It covers up any problem areas flawlessly— it lives up to its name!

They can’t all be winners, right? The two products that did not work for me were the Lix Matte Liquid Lipstick and the i-Definer Liquid Liner. While they looked gorgeous swatched on the skin, they didn’t perform when doing what they’re actually supposed to do. The liquid lipstick went on patchy, and was almost impossible to salvage. The liner didn’t layer well, and dried with a flaky feel to it. I felt like both of these actually deterred from the good parts of my makeup look when wearing all these products together, so I won’t be wearing them again.

Overall, I’ve had a good enough experience with Models Own to warrant more curiosity! I’m basically obsessed with the highlighter and wearing it daily, as it’s become my favorite powder highlight. The concealer has also become a staple in my foundation routine for super stubborn blemishes. The eyeshadow palette is coming with me on a trip later this week, as well! I’m looking forward to seeing what else they release in the states.

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