Makeup Revolution Eye Bright Concealer Review

I’m pretty picky about under eye concealer. I have a little bit of texture under my eyes as well as prominent lines, and I can count on one hand the number of drugstore concealers that perform well for me in that area. So when the new Makeup Revolution Eye Bright Concealer went viral on TikTok, it had my attention… but also my skepticism.

Makeup Revolution Eye Bright Concealer Review - Medium Shades | Slashed Beauty

The Eye Bright concealer is supposed to offer flexible buildable coverage with a dose of Vitamin C to help treat your under-eyes as you wear it. You can learn a little more about the benefits of Vitamin C in skin care in my post here— it’s a great ingredient to target dark circles! It also makes this an awesome concealer for other dark spots or blemishes around the face.

REVIEW: Makeup Revolution Eye Bright Concealer Swatches in Fair, Medium, Medium Light, Medium Yellow | Slashed Beauty
L to R: Fair, Medium, Medium Light, Medium Yellow

This formula is very creamy and the pigmentation was surprising from the get-go. I’d categorize it as medium-full, and buildable. As you blend it out, it feels very lightweight and gives a gorgeous smooth demi-matte finish. I was shocked at how airbrushed my under eye area looked when I first applied this! Despite it being an illuminating concealer, I actually like the fact that it’s not glowy, shimmery, or radiant. It has a natural finish while still brightening, and looks more seamless with the rest of your face.

Makeup Revolution Eye Bright Concealer Before and After Application | Slashed Beauty

I do want to note that when I used one of the Eye Bright concealers for the first time, it came out creamy on the first try. However, when I opened a different shade, I was confused when it applied watery and with very low coverage. If you read the reviews of this product, you’ll see people with this issue as well. Knowing this wasn’t what the concealer was supposed to perform like, I wiped off the applicator as thoroughly as possible, and gave the tube a good shake. After that, I twisted more product out and it applied creamy and with the coverage I expected.

Makeup Revolution Eye Bright Concealer Sponge Applicator | Slashed Beauty

After 6 hours of wear, I can see only the slightest bit of creasing in my deepest lines when lightly set with powder. The concealer stays looking smooth all day without any breakdown or separation. I really only have two complaints about this product, starting with the packaging. It comes in a click-up pen with a fluffy sponge applicator attached to the tube. While I like the ease of dotting it on, applicators like these always tend to get gunky with product build up, or dried product in the sponge ends up blocking the holes the product flows through. Especially since you don’t have a lot of control over how much concealer you’re pulling up from the reservoir, this can get messy really quickly. You also shouldn’t be fooled by the height of the concealer pen— once you click enough for the product to flow, the tube is only half full.

On top of that, there is only 0.10 oz of product in the tube, making this $100/oz and actually more expensive than higher end concealers like Shape Tape ($81/oz). Obviously you have a lower up-front cost but when you crunch the numbers, this is priced like a high-end product.

Makeup Revolution Eye Bright Concealer vs. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer | Slashed Beauty

You may be wondering how the Makeup Revolution Eye Bright Concealer compares to the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer, since they look so similar. In a side by side test, I noticed the Makeup Revolution concealer to apply much smoother. The longer fibers on the Maybelline sponge tends to cause streaky application, while the Makeup Revolution concealer really blurred texture and fine lines better. They both set with a similar finish, but with a smoother finish on the Revolution side. I also prefer the smaller size of the Makeup Revolution concealer, as it’s easier for precise application in tight spots. However, the Maybelline concealer is .2 fl oz per tube, so you’re getting double the product at the same price.

For $10, the Makeup Revolution Eye Bright Concealer is definitely worth a try if you’re looking for a comfortable brightening concealer with a natural and blurred finish. You can find it at Ulta Beauty, though the full shade range is available on the Makeup Revolution website.


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