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Is the Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat Palette Worth It?

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April 12, 2018

I think it’s safe to say that the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette was one of the brand’s most popular launches in recent years, selling out extremely quickly and becoming an instant favorite of the UD’s biggest fans. I went back and forth on buying it myself, because it was the first Naked palette that actually inspired me in a long time. I ultimately decided to save my $54… and I’m so glad I did.

You all know how much of a fan I was of the Naked Basics palette, a 5-pan compact of the “core” Naked shades, sold at a little more than half the price of the full size. So I was basically jumping for joy when the Naked Petite Heat was launched: a basics version of the popular palette.

In the $29 mini palette, you’re getting the overall vibe of the full-size Naked Heat, condensed into five shades (one shimmer, four mattes) that will give you similar looks. Now you may notice, just like the Naked Basics palette, that the shade names don’t actually correspond to any of the colors in the original. However, if you cross reference both palettes, you’ll see that they are pretty much exact dupes of five of the original shades, just with different names. If you already have the full sized Naked Heat, it’s not worth buying this one. But if you always wanted Naked Heat but couldn’t stomach the cost, then Petit Heat will be right up your alley.

I just love the idea of these mini versions, because sometimes I end up using the same five shades in a palette anyway. Paying less for getting exactly what you want definitely appeals to me when it comes to higher end brands, what about you? The Naked Petite Heat gave me a chance to hop on the warm shadow trend without shelling out the money for a trendy palette.

We have a really good range of colors, with our shimmer being Inhale— a pale bone shade, then moving on to creams and taupes, then our orangey-browns. I love this color scheme for summer, and especially festival season coming up. It’s also incredibly travel-friendly, in a small and sleek plastic compact that snaps closed.

Just like the Basics palette though, the top concern with such a small palette is the versatility. Can you really get multiple looks out of just 5 shades? Of course you can! Here are my favorites to wear from the Naked Petite Heat.

This is my subtle warm look— very diffused with just a hint of warmth. It’s a quick look that adds dimension and color to the face without making a huge statement. I’ve used Inhale on the brow bone and inner corner, Vibrate on my lid, Hot Spell as a transition and Heist in my crease.

Literally building on the subtle look, I’ve just added Strike to my crease, outer corner and lower lash line to give it a little more drama. This is what I’d consider an every day look for myself.

For a more sultry eye, of course I have to add a little smoke! I have Inhale on the brow bone and inner corner, used Wild Thing as my transition shade, Heist in my crease and Strike on my lid.

Again, if you don’t have the original palette and want a taste of what everyone’s gone bonkers about, the Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat Palette is absolutely worth a try. It’s already what I’ve been using the most on the daily, and that’s not changing anytime soon with Summer around the corner!

Have you tried either Naked Heat palettes?

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  1. Brandi Speziale
    | Reply

    I’ve been dreaming of UD Naked palette for so long. But the price, yikes! My awesome in laws bought me the Heat mini for Birthmas(my birthday is Christmas day, what a drag lol). So THANK YOU for these looks! I love all of them! Definitely saving to try tomorrow

    • Miranda
      | Reply

      Happy Birthmas!!! Haha I have friends who have bdays close to Christmas and they all agree it feels like they get the short end of the stick. Either way, I hope you have a ton of fun with your gifts and especially this palette! It’s still a great fave for warm looks for me.

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