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How I Stay Comfortable Through Holiday Travel

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December 18, 2018

I wasn’t supposed to be traveling this holiday season. My mom was going to stay with us here in Vegas during the week of Christmas, but she ended up breaking her arm last week and needs surgery. So, I’m going out to spend time with her and help her around the house right before Christmas instead. Now that I’ll be flying during the busiest travel days of the year, it’s time to gear up and prep for airport pandemonium and completely-full flights.

Essential Travel Outfit | Best Clothes to Wear on Plane | Slashed BeautyEssential Travel Outfit | Best Clothes to Wear on Plane | Slashed Beauty


I always fly in leggings. And yes, I wear them as pants. They’re just the most flexible option so I’m comfortable in any position I find myself— sitting cross-legged on the airport floor next to a wall outlet, or on the plane with one leg over the other. The only downside to wearing leggings is that most of them don’t have pockets, and you need pockets the most when you’re traveling! I’ve been wearing leggings from a brand called Marika during my last two trips. They have styles with pockets (big enough for my iPhone X!) so I don’t have to fumble with tickets, my ID, my phone and headphones while running through the airport. For the rest of my outfit, I’m sure to layer so that I can adjust depending on the environment. This is my current favorite puffy jacket from Free People that’s super cozy and comfortable.

And of course, I always opt for comfy sneakers. These rose gold Reebok Harman sneakers are both functional and fashionable!

Staying Fresh During a Flight | In-flight Toiletries | Slashed Beauty


I’m not the only one who just feels grody when traveling for a long time, right? Most of all, I just feel dehydrated. I’m thirsty, my hands get dry, my lips feel cracked… I need hydration in my life! I always make sure I pack a reusable water bottle, especially since so many airports now have water stations! I make sure I top up right before boarding, so I don’t have to page the flight attendant. I also double check that I have lip balm and hand cream in my bag under the seat in front of me for easy access.

Depending on the duration of the flight, I might also include my toothbrush, toothpaste, and shower wipes to help me feel fresh. I make sure to put a protector on my toothbrush like the Steripod to protect it and keep it clean while it’s in my bag.

Best Travel Accessories | Best Clothes to Wear on Plane | Slashed Beauty


Pillows aren’t always guaranteed on your flight, especially if you’re flying coach. But even for short flights, they can make a big difference in staying comfortable. I really love my inflatable travel pillow, which is easy to pack in the bag for storage and pump up when you need it. Plus, since it’s inflatable, you can fill it to just the right amount of plushness for your own preferences. When the flight’s over, deflate it and roll it up in your bag.

And of course, the right carry on can make navigating the airport and plane so much easier. A few years ago I got my first hardshell 360 wheel case and I’ll never look back! This one goes on practically every trip with me, especially weekend getaways when I’m flying carry-on only. I love that it has a built-in lock for extra security. Here’s a similar one on Amazon.

Even when you’re subjected to chaotic terminals and squishy seats, as long as you’re prepared, you can make traveling a breeze.

How do you stay comfortable during busy travel days?

Photos by Stephanie of Home in High Heels

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