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10 Best Hanukkah Nail Art Looks from Instagram

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December 21, 2016

Check out the ten best Hanukkah nail art looks from Instagram! | Slashed Beauty

Hanukkah is coming up this Saturday and I’m so excited for it– latkes, dreidels, chocolate… oh my! I’m a huge fan of the blue/white/silver color combination that represents the holiday, especially when it comes to seasonal nail art. I searched Instagram for some Hanukkah nail art ideas, and these are by far the best out there. Use them as your nail art inspiration to get festive during your next manicure!

1. This great use of negative space

This pattern is more abstract and not as in-your-face as a defined Star of David, but still gives off the Hanukkah spirit.

2. Sparkly Star

A photo posted by Vanessa Jara (@ladyvnails) on

This blue and silver combo is elegant, with a design that alludes to Israel’s flag.

3. Merry Chrismakkuh

I personally grew up celebrating both holidays, so I especially appreciate this inclusive combination!

4. Eight Candles

This nail artist chose a chic black and gold color combination with the eight days of Hanukkah symbolized in the candles.

5. Snowy Stars

A photo posted by Jamy (@jamylyn_nails) on

The chunky sparkles resemble snow against the blue base coat, and the stars are on point.

6. Geometric Glitter

A photo posted by Leah Shaffren (@fedoraharp) on

Another one that’s a little less obvious, the triangular glitter overlaps to create abstract stars.

7. The Big Four

A photo posted by AlyVan (@nailsbyalyvan) on

This nail art incorporates the four main symbols of Hanukkah, including a dreidel, the Star of David, a menorah and the Chai symbol for life, and of course some gift wrap!

8. Two Accent Nails are Better than One

This salon used what looks like decals to create two accent nails with festive symbols.

9. Reverse Moon

This reverse moon nail art is super festive and could be worn all winter long!

10. Classic Menorah

A photo posted by Jamy (@jamylyn_nails) on

This artist has steady hands to draw this perfect menorah on top of matte sparkly blue polish. Gorgeous!

How do you get festive on your nails? Nail art, color combos? Tag me on social!

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