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Glitter Makeup That’s Easy to Take Off

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January 3, 2019

Glitter makeup: so fun, but so annoying. I love the statement that shimmer can make, but there’s no denying how difficult it can be to remove. You never quite get it all off on the first try, am I right? It usually makes it totally not even worth it for me, personally. Especially around the eye area, excessive rubbing can be super irritating to the skin.

Glitter Makeup That's Easy to Take Off | Slashed Beauty

But over the past year, I’ve tried to find some glitter makeup that’s easy to take off, so I can add sparkle to my bold looks. Luckily, I’ve found a few go-to choices whenever I want to sport some shimmer.

Glitter Makeup That's Easy to Take Off: NYX Glitter Primer | Slashed Beauty

First off, glitter glue is a must for making glitter makeup easier to remove. It makes applying glitter so much easier and gives you precise placement as the glitter sticks to the glue with minimal fallout, if any. My favorite is the NYX Glitter Primer because it’s a neutral shade and a thinner consistency— you can use it on your eyes or anywhere else on your face and body. Not only does the Glitter Primer make application a breeze, but it makes removal go a lot more smoothly as well. Because the glitter is stuck to the primer, it comes off with a makeup wipe without leaving anything behind.

Glitter Makeup That's Easy to Take Off: NYX Shimmer Down Pigment | Slashed Beauty

My all time fave loose glitter makeup is the NYX Shimmer Down Pigment. It’s a much finer consistency— not chunky glitter. I think this makes it more versatile for use in tighter areas like the lash line or inner corner. With this type of glitter, you can really get an opaque coverage that looks amazing in cut creases.

Glitter Makeup That's Easy to Take Off: NYX Glitter Goals | Slashed Beauty

You may be starting to see a trend here, but NYX just makes some great glitter products! Next on my list is the NYX Glitter Goals Liquid Eyeshadow. I actually did a more in-depth post about these earlier this year, comparing them to the Too Faced Twinkle Twinkle Liquid Glitter. I think these are the most fool-proof way to apply glitter, though it offers less coverage than working with a loose version. You don’t need to use glitter primer for this product, since the glitter is mixed in with liquid eyeshadow and you can just paint it on with the built-in applicator.

Glitter Makeup That's Easy to Take Off: BH Cosmetics Glitter Collection | Slashed Beauty

Finally, I have been loving the BH Cosmetics Glitter Collection Loose Glitters. Again, they’re not huge glitter particles but they’re definitely a bit more prominent than the Shimmer Down Pigments. These give more of that kirakira sparkly effect where you can really see the individual particles glisten. These are easy for me to take off with a makeup wipe, and even brush away fallout that’s not stuck to primer if it ends up somewhere I don’t want it.

Glitter Makeup That's Easy to Remove | Slashed Beauty
L to R: NYX Glitter Primer alone, NYX Shimmer Down Pigment, NYX Glitter Goals, BH Cosmetics Glitter Collection

Another great tip I use for removing glitter makeup is to start out with a typical makeup remover wipe (textured wipes work the best!), but then follow up with a microfiber cloth to really pick up anything left behind without tugging at the skin. Works like a charm every time!

Do you have any favorite glitter makeup that’s easy to remove?

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