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Drugstore Combo & Acne Skin Care Routine for Spring

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April 22, 2020

New season, new skin care routine! I recently hit empty on several of my go-to products from winter, which signaled me to start curating my spring skin care routine. Some staples are carrying over, but there a few new additions that cater to my acne prone combo skin.

This also may be the first time in a bit where my skin care routine is completely made up of drugstore products. While you all know that most of the products I use are on the budget-friendly side, there are usually a couple outliers in the skin care category that make their way into my favorites. The truth is, drugstore skin care has really stepped up its game recently— keep reading to check out my current regimen.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser ($9.52)

Even when I venture off to try other cleansers, I always come back to my Cetaphil. It’s one of the few cleansers that’s effective yet gentle on my skin, and doesn’t leave it feeling stripped or tight. With combo skin, it can be hard to find a “just right” cleanser, and this is mine. My face feels more balanced after using it.

Pixi Glow Tonic ($29)

This should be no surprise if you’ve been following me for a while. My skin is just not the same when I run out of my Glow Tonic (which now I try not to, and keep backups on hand!). Glow Tonic is an exfoliating toner that also soothes with aloe vera to prevent skin irritation. Over the years, Glow Tonic has helped me keep my hyperpigmentation under control and give my skin a healthy radiance.

Naturally G4U Glow Girl High-C Brightening Serum ($19.99)

Vitamin C has transformed my skin like no other product. You can read about its benefits in my post here. Most noticeably, my skin texture has drastically improved since using a Vitamin C serum twice daily, plus has brightened and evened out my skin tone. I’ve only just started using this serum from Naturally G4U, which contains 20% vitamin C, plus aloe leaf juice to help with inflammation and reship for cell regeneration. Plus, it smells divine due to the lemon peel ferment.

Derma E Acne Blemish Control Treatment Serum ($13.55)

It’s been a while since I had Derma E in my regular skin care rotation, but this serum is bomb! I’ve recently been experiencing breakouts— big, painful cystic ones. After my first use, this serum helped shrink the spots by half overnight. It contains tea tree oil, willow bark extract, lavendar, chamomile and salicylic acid to help treat acne and unclog pores.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Eye Cream ($13.89)

I’m super picky about my eye creams— it’s one of the products I often end up opting for a high end brand. However, the Neutrogena Hydro Boost line delivers once again! This Gel-Cream is super lightweight but instantly and intensely hydrates the skin. It has a cooling effect that feels so refreshing around the eye area. Because of how well this sinks in without leaving residue, it’s perfect for both nighttime routines and in the morning before makeup.

Garnier SkinActive Water Rose Moisture Gel ($11.94)

Finally, I’m opting for a lighter— yet extremely hydrating— moisturizer. This Moisture Gel is non-comedogenic and sinks into the skin quickly without leaving any reside behind. My skin feels soft and plump after using, and the scent of real rose water is refreshing without being overbearing at all (and I’m sensitive to rose!) It’s perfect for normal to combo skin since it doesn’t overwhelm the face but replenishes moisture instantly. It’s going to be perfect for the warmer weather coming up!

How does my morning skin care routine from my PM regimen?

In the morning, I only use a few of these products to prep my skin for the day. I’ll start off with the Pixi Glow Tonic, followed by the Glow Girl Serum. While that sinks in, I use the Neutrogena Gel Eye Cream. Finally, I opt for an SPF moisturizer for sun protection. Right now, that’s the Aveeno Naturals Positively Radiant Moisturizer with SPF 30.

Have you added any new skin care for spring?

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