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How to Create a Capsule Makeup Collection in 3 Steps

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November 30, 2016

While you may be adding a ton of beauty products to your wish list this year, sometimes simplicity is key for a more streamlined routine full of fool-proof looks.

The Capsule Makeup Collection craze has gotten really popular lately for its ability to hone in on your true personal style while also saving you time and money in your beauty routine. The idea is similar to that of “capsule wardrobes” for clothes, where you stick to a cohesive color scheme and a select few core products that can be used for multiple go-to looks.

Find out how you can streamline your beauty routine with a capsule makeup collection and simplify your life! | Slashed Beauty

Creating your own capsule makeup collection would be a great way to start fresh for the new year, decluttering products long forgotten in the back of your drawer (or that have expired!) and really focusing on the ones you love to use.

Read on to discover how to start your own capsule makeup collection for a new routine that will keep mornings simple and your wallet happy!

Find out how you can streamline your beauty routine with a capsule makeup collection and simplify your life! | Slashed Beauty

1. Detox

The first step in creating your capsule makeup collection is doing a deep clean of your current products. Be honest with yourself when determining which products you actually reach for— don’t pull a “I might need this at some point!” that we all use to justify hoarding. Another great way to narrow down is by physically swatching all of your products, and purging duplicates. Hang on to your absolute favorite products.

Find out how you can streamline your beauty routine with a capsule makeup collection and simplify your life! | Slashed Beauty
But they’re all different shades of red, right?

2. Pick Your Best Shades

Out of the products that survived the purge, see what colors you tend to gravitate towards. The key to a capsule makeup collection is that you can mix and match your products for endless looks, so having the right variety within your favorite color schemes is important. Look through selfies and pick out 3-4 go-to looks you constantly wear, which will help when purchasing products in the future.

3. Identify What You Need (Not Just Want)

Now you can start building your shopping list to fill in the gaps to create full makeup looks. The whole point of a capsule makeup collection is to have what many would consider the “bare bones” of a collection that you can use interchangeably for core, go-to looks. Here’s an example checklist to get you started on what to keep/pick up.

Face Primer (1)
Foundation: two shades to cover your skin tone changing throughout the year
Concealer (1)
BB Cream (1)
Brow Pencil, Powder or Cream (1)
Brow Gel (1)
Eye Primer (1)
Eyeshadow Palettes (2): one neutral, one bold (could be bright colors or smoky shades… whatever suits you and your favorite color schemes)
My suggestion: Coastal Scents Revealed Palette // City Color Cosmetics Hypnotic Palette
Eyeliner (2): one liquid or gel, one pencil
Mascara (1)
Contour Palette and/or individually one contour + one highlight
My suggestion: City Color Cosmetics Contour Effects 2 Palette
Blush (2): one natural rosy shade, one bright shade
My suggestion: CoverGirl TruBlend Blush // NYX Ombre Blush
Lipliner (1): one nude or clear lipliner to match any lipstick shade
My suggestion: NYX Lip Primer
Lipstick (6): one nude, one mauve, one berry, one red, one pink, and one seasonal shade of your choice
Lipgloss (2): one nude, one “your lips but better” shade
Setting Powder or Setting Spray (1)

From there, you are free to add embellishments as you see fit, but sticking to this core collection will help you streamline your routine. It’s also important to challenge yourself to use up one product before buying a new one in the same category. Keep in mind expiration dates of makeup (Did you know mascara only lasts 3 months before you’re supposed to swap it out for a new tube?) and replace products accordingly. Since you’re sticking to a small amount of products, this also lets you splurge more without the guilt since every product is guaranteed to be used!

The capsule makeup collection isn’t for everyone— especially those who are aspiring makeup artists or just plain aficionados, but for people who want to make things easier on themselves in the morning, this method takes the guesswork out of choosing looks and products.

Do you think you could work off a capsule makeup collection?


3 Responses

  1. Katie
    | Reply

    Miranda, can you give some face primer recommendations? I’ve moved about 2 hours from the closest sephora and don’t know how to choose for myself. I’m also on a tighter budget than I was when I bought my last one. Because it’s the one that goes on bare skin all over, I’m willing to spend more, but it’s gotta be the right one.

    • Miranda | SlashedBeauty.com
      | Reply

      I guess it would depend on what your skin type is. I personally really enjoy the Make Up For Ever Hydrating Primer because it works really well for me during winter. Otherwise you might need to go with a mattifying primer if you seem to be more oily… A good bang for your buck could also be a primer spray l ike the Smashbox Primer Water sine you only need a few spritzes for your whole face!

    • Miranda | SlashedBeauty.com
      | Reply

      BUT on the drugstore scene, I love the CoverGirl truBlend Face Primers, which have specific ones for oily, combo and dry skin so you can get a custom effect!

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