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City Color Cosmetics Be Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review

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May 3, 2017

With liquid lipsticks being released like they’re going out of style, it’s hard to imagine how brands can make them different than the last. When I heard about the brand new City Color Cosmetics Be Matte Liquid Lipsticks, I was like “Okay, neat. Join the rest of my collection!” When I finally tried them though, I stopped reaching for anything else.

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The new Be Matte Liquid Lipsticks were recently released in eight shades, ranging from light nudes to bold purples. They have a cream-to-matte finish, applying extremely smoothly with a ton of pigmentation. The cream then dries down to a true matte finish.

I feel that because of their creamy consistency, the color doesn’t settle into the lines of your lips as much as other liquid lipsticks. They seem to actually fill in and smooth the lines in the lips, and the color sets looking super smooth and even.

The shades currently available include (left to right):

No Duh | baby pink
Kewl | muted mauve
A/S/L | nude beige
Crunk | reddish brown
Oh Snap! | wine red
As If! | hot pink
Talk to the Hand | bright, classic red
Home Slice | purple with grey undertones


Watch the video above to see the shades applied to my lips.


The shades apply with so much color payoff on one swipe. The only one that was relatively streaky was Home Slice, since dark colors can be so unforgiving.

The Be Matte Liquid Lipsticks are also more comfortable than many others in my collection. While they’re not completely weightless, they don’t dry out the lips at all. I do still exfoliate and moisturize my lips before application, but throughout the day they feel great.

These are definitely up there in terms of staying power, as well. I’ve been wearing Crunk pretty frequently (like, every day almost) and it can last me through two meals. The only fading I see is in the innermost part of my lips, but it’s so minimal that I don’t even feel the need to touch up afterwards. Even after eating some greasy thai noodles, my lips looked awesome. My lips look great all day when I’m wearing these and I don’t stress about checking up on them.

Check out the review of the brand new City Color Cosmetics Be Matte Liquid Lipsticks and see swatches of all eight shades!

There are only two aspects of these that I dislike. The applicator is actually a really smart hourglass shape that can apply a ton of color in one swipe, but it’s a little too flexible for me. I feel like I have less control because it’s so bendy, and I’m afraid of it snapping back and splattering color. The other dislike I have is the scent. It’s not incredibly strong, but it’s pretty sweet and I generally don’t like scented cosmetics.

Other than that, for only $7.99 a pop, these are some of the best budget liquid lipsticks I’ve tried! They actually last longer on me and feel better on the lips than Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks… and at a fraction of the price. Yes please!

You can find the City Color Cosmetics Be Matte Liquid Lipsticks online only. Use the code SlashedBeauty at checkout for 10% off!

What are your all time favorite liquid lipsticks?

  1. Christine
    | Reply

    Thanks so much for the review and swatches! This is one of my new personal favorites. In terms of taste in lip color, we must be “sisters from another mister” lol…I also love Crunk. I love the color, longevity, texture and of course the affordable price. The only thing I didn’t like was the applicator but, it’s not a major dealbreaker for me because I just use a lip brush instead (I personally find that a brush gives me greater control). Yet another winner!

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