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Birthday Makeup of the Day: Burgundy Halo Eye

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March 13, 2017

Over the weekend, I celebrated my 24th birthday! This past year has been good for me, but I am so ready for 24! Since I’m in the midst of planning my wedding, we didn’t do anything too extravagant for my birthday. We went out to a bar for food and drinks with close friends for a casual night out… but I did take the opportunity to dress up my face with this birthday makeup look using both new makeup and old favorites.

For our night out, I went for one of my favorite looks: burgundy and gold halo eye. I dusted off the old Revealed 2 Palette from Coastal Scents, which has some of my favorite eyeshadow shades for rose-toned looks like this. I’m promising myself I’ll try to create more looks with it, since it is a permanent palette after all and I feel it’s great for year-round wear, though some may consider this wintery or holiday-appropriate.

I did a huge majority of this look using brand new products from the 2017 Physicians Formula makeup launches. They recently expanded their #InstaReady line, along with new renditions of cult favorites, and they are definitely worth talking about. My favorite of the launches are the #Instaready Full Coverage Concealer, which can seriously cover up anything, as well as the Brow Booster Feather Brow Duo which builds up your lashes with fibers for a fuller look, with a tapered applicator that allows you to define as well.

Watch the video above to get the run down on the other new Physicians Formula makeup and see how I created my birthday makeup look.

Products Used:

Which of the new Physicians Formula products makes you most excited?

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