Bending the Budget: Fresh Summer Face Products

    In Bending the Budget, we explore both high-end and budget-friendly beauty products you can use to achieve the same goal. They might not necessarily be dupes, but rather recommendations based on what I like about both products, or what they claim to accomplish.

    Here in Los Angeles, summer has officially started and there’s no looking back. The AC has been turned on “High” and my sweaters have been packed into the back of my closet. It’s crazy to think that my cousin in Colorado woke up to snow last week. Whether the season has arrived for you, or you’re still anxiously awaiting, there’s no better time to start putting on a fresh summer face!

    Bending the Budget: Fresh Summer Face Products | Slashed Beauty


    Splurge: NARS Sheer Glow | Save: Neutrogena Healthy Skin
    Since I have combo skin, I tend to stay away from overly dewy or completely matte foundation formulas. That’s why these two, both offering a beautiful satin finish, are at the top of my list for summer foundations. They allow your skin to have a natural radiance, and wear well all day. Minimal blotting is needed to keep oil at bay, which is perfect for summer days.


    Splurge: NARS Blush/Bronzer Duo | Save: e.l.f. Contouring Blush & Bronzer
    While there has been heavy debate about whether these are true dupes of each other, I say they are at least similar enough to be interchangeable for the color palette. The NARS duo offers more sheer, luminescent color than the e.l.f. compact, so your preference may depend on if you like a more glowy or chiseled look.


    Splurge: Cover FX Illuminator | Save: Maybelline Master Hi-Light Hi-Lighting Blush
    Highlighting has become one of my favorite beauty tricks to achieve a fresh, bright complexion. Both the Cover FX Illuminator in Sunlight and the Maybelline Master Hi-Light Hi-Lighting Blush in Nude offer a champagne glow with a slightly pink undertone. The Maybelline highlight is more glittery, while the Cover FX illuminator adds a smooth sheen.

    Regardless of if you’re looking to save money, or want to treat yourself to a high-end product, you can easily achieve a fresh summer face no matter what weather you’re facing right now.



    1. ELF and NARS duos are incredibly close but for me, NARS is the winner and of course, it is a dent on the wallet – OUCH.

    2. I really, really need to try that Neutrogena foundation. Eventually. I need to finish up some of my other foundations first but I really want to try it!

      PS – you look gorgeous in that photo! Your hair is seriously to die for!!

    3. I love this – love the lower priced options, because there are somethings, like bronzers, that I won’t spend a ton of money on!

    4. A very informative article. 🙂

      I used the Neutrogena foundation for a while, even on my very dry skin, it only lasted a few hours. It was gorgeous when first applied but, even when set with powder, it was fading away, gone within four hours. So sad, because I loved that stuff. Maybe my skin was hungry? LOL

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