How to Avoid Post Haircut Regret

We’ve all been there… we go to the hair salon with a very specific outcome in mind, and end up walking out with something we hate, holding back tears as we squeak out a “Love it!”

Most times, a stylist will give you exactly what you ask for. But descriptions can get lost in translation, or perhaps the red carpet cut you lusted after just doesn’t work for your face. Either way, there are measures you can take to avoid getting a haircut you immediately regret.

How to Avoid Post Haircut Regret

Bring a Picture… or Two

Without a visual, the hairstylist is left to interpret your convoluted description of the haircut— which I’m sure makes sense to you, but that’s only because you already know what it’s supposed looks like. Bring more than one picture to go over with your stylist, and explain what you like about the style so they know exactly what you’re looking for.

Try the Hairstyle On Virtually

Thanks to modern technology, we can get a good feel for how a hairstyle might look on us before committing to it! There are a ton of virtual makeover sites, but my favorite is the app on the Marie Claire website. They have a really large gallery of celebrity hairstyles (and a ton makeup products) that you can try on your own face when you upload a picture. Check out how I’d look with Miranda Kerr’s strawberry blonde locks.  I didn’t think it looked half bad, but I got a lot of strong feedback from family saying otherwise…

How to Avoid Post Haircut Regret

Sometimes we fall in love with a haircut that just isn’t meant for our face. This happened to me when I was head over heels for Kelly Rowland’s edgy pixie cut back in the days of Destiny’s Child… All I’ll say is: I wish I could have virtually tried it on before begging my mom to let me get it done.

Speak Up!

If something isn’t working for you, SAY SOMETHING. Even if you have a bad feeling in your gut, just ask about where your stylist going with the shears. If you wait until the end to find out “Is she cutting a little too short?” you’re more often than not going to be disappointed. I have repeatedly been unhappy with the way stylists set my hair after I pay extra for a blowout following a cut. Many times, I’ll go right home and and flat iron it to sit how I like. What a waste! Although it may feel awkward, simply asking questions or saying “I don’t think I’ll like that, actually” will save you a lot of turmoil later.

Have you ever been left with a cut you hated?



  1. I have never had a haircut over $30 that I liked. Whereas, my favorite cut cost me $5 at a Great Clips. It was simple and looked polished/professional after just a quick blow dry. No styling required. I’ve even taken a picture of that haircut to other hairstylists and gotten something completely different that I hated. Most hairstylists think they know more than they do and just don’t listen.

  2. Oh! yes! More than once. The one that sticks out the most is when I was in 7th grade and I wanted a wedge hair cut like some famous ice skater back then, can’t even remember her name now. Anyway it came out awful, I remember crying and covering my head up with a bandana for days!

  3. I have had bad haircuts. I’ve tried it on virtually and brought images etc… and the hair stylist just kind of did her own thing. Can’t control how other people do it, even if you speak up :/

  4. I had a bad haircut a few years ago and I grew it out super long afterwards. It took years and I’m sure it’ll take me a long time to decide to cut it short again after that!

  5. I had a bad color once. I cried and cried. The stylist talked me into a coppery red instead of the unnatural red that I had been doing. I cried for 3 days and the stylist fixed it for me without charging me. She never tried talking me into another color again.

  6. You look like Beyonce with that hair color 😀 I normally don’t go for drastic hair cuts because I love my hair the way it is, but I do express myself with different hair color. Sometimes I would mention it to my family before I do it, and they all go “Oh nooo, don’t dye it, we love your hair!” SMH, people, you haven’t seen my real color for 10 years!

  7. I have curly hair…of COURSE I’ve had haircuts I’ve hated. Pretty sure most every hair stylist I’ve been to has taken a special course called, ‘how to screw up cutting curly hair, but make it look half-decent in the shop, so you still get a tip but your client cries for three days afterwards.” It sells for 19.95 and comes with a complimentary evil laugh.

  8. Back when I was in 6th grade my mom allowed me to get a short pixie-ish type deal… it’s now infamously known as my “flock of seagulls” hair. I seriously will fight tooth and nail with my daughter to not get that done lol

  9. I don’t HATE my hair cut, but my stylist cut one side differently from the other, so my side profile is different on each side. And not in a “it’s meant to be that way” kinda way, either! I will go back to her, she generally doesn’t do me wrong, but I will ask her to even up the right to match the left! Great post.


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