5 Affordable Accessories for the Louis Vuitton Neverfull

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull: such a classic handbag, yet simple in design. It’s one of the brand’s most popular styles and is often described as a “workhorse” bag— a bag that’s so functional, it can be used in practically any situation. As I’ve just started using mine regularly for the first time this summer, I’ve also been exploring the possibilities when it comes to accessorizing and customizing the Neverfull so that it’s perfect for me.

Keep reading to discover the best handbag accessories for the Louis Vuitton Neverfull that I’ve found on Amazon, all for under $30! They’ll keep your bag organized, convenient, and cute!

1. Handbag Organizer Insert ($26.95)

Best Handbag Organizer Insert for Louis Vuitton Neverfull | 5 Affordable Handbag Accessories for the Louis Vuitton Neverfull | Slashed Beauty

At the end of the day, the Neverfull is a basic tote bag and can turn into a big black hole if you have loose items rolling around inside. There are many handbag organizer inserts for the Neverfull on Amazon, and the one you choose will be personal to what fits your daily must-haves. I found this one to be the best of three that I tried. While many organizers utilize velcro pockets to allow for customization, I prefer the sturdiness of sewn-in compartments. It was important to me to have a water bottle holder, and the velcro ones didn’t support a full bottle without detaching. This organizer has a ton of compartments, big and small, including a zipper pocket and a slip pocket that fits the Neverfull pochette perfectly. Plus, you still get a ton of space for random bits and bobs in the middle.

2. Clipa 2 Handbag Hanger ($15.95)

Best Handbag Hanger for the Neverfull | Best Purse Hanger Clip | 5 Affordable Handbag Accessories for the Louis Vuitton Neverfull | Slashed Beauty

I absolutely abhor placing bags on the floor— designer or not. I’ve always been a bit of a germophobe when it comes to this, whether it’s a restaurant or a public bathroom. The Neverfull is too big to place on a table or lap, as well. That’s where the Clipa comes in: a spring-loaded clip that anchors your bag to any ledge, table, pole, or other surface. For something that looks so simple, it’s surprisingly sturdy and I trust it with my bag! The touchpoints of the clip are rubberized so that it won’t easily slip, and you only need a half inch of space to hang it securely! Check out the reviews on Amazon, some of the in-action shots are very impressive.

3. Handbag Scarf ($8.99)

Cute Handbag Scarf for Neverfull | 5 Affordable Handbag Accessories for the Louis Vuitton Neverfull | Slashed Beauty

Since the Neverfull is arguably Louis Vuitton’s most popular bag, it’s common to see them out and about in public. Add a little bit of your own personality with a handbag scarf! I am a strong advocate for either buying cheap handbag scarves, or making them yourself. The designer twillies just aren’t worth it, because they get wear and tear so easily from being on the outside of your bag. (Trust me, I got mad after spending $20 on a Coach twilly that looked ratty after a couple months). This is the best handbag scarf I’ve found on Amazon— and again, I’ve ordered several. The pattern is printed clearly on both sides, and the price is right.

4. Mini Heart Padlocks ($6.99 for 2)

How to keep the Neverfull cinched with mini heart padlocks | 5 Affordable Handbag Accessories for the Louis Vuitton Neverfull | Slashed Beauty

Locks are already a big part of the Louis Vuitton aesthetic, and many of their bags come with them. The Neverfull isn’t one of those bags, though. To add another cute personalization, try these adorable mini padlocks that are shaped like hearts. Not only can these be used as simple bag charms, but they’re also useful in keeping the Neverfull cinched. I prefer to wear my bag cinched with the sides folded in, but the leather straps often loosen throughout the day. Looping this mini padlock through the d-rings will keep the sides cinched all day.

5. Small Ring Carabiner ($5.99 for 5)

How to keep the Neverfull cinched with small rings | 5 Affordable Handbag Accessories for the Louis Vuitton Neverfull | Slashed Beauty

If you want to keep your Neverfull cinched but don’t like the idea of the padlocks, here’s a great alternative. These small ring carabiners are more understated, and an easier on-and-off process. You just push the spring loaded latch inward to open it and loop it through the D-rings.

What other handbag accessories do you love to use with your Neverfull?

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