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Fashionistas Young and Old Will Love Absolutely Fabulous, Darling!

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July 21, 2016

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Whether or not you’re familiar with the cult-favorite BBC television series from the 90s, Absolutely Fabulous, all fashionistas will get a kick out of the big-screen adaptation. In true Ab Fab fashion oozes glitz and glamour and is dripping in satire as Edina and Patsy share their craziest adventure yet.

The movie opens centering around a huge fashion event the ladies are planning in London that is going to be the party of the century. The press is telling it like it is: “If you’re not at this party, then who the hell are you?” And that’s pretty much the theme of the entire movie. With so many hot celebrity cameos from Chris Colfer, Rebel Wilson, Kate Moss, John Hamm and Baby Spice, it’s like a Where’s Waldo of everyone who has been relevant for the past twenty years.

Things get lit at the party, and the women think their PR firm’s success is going to be reaching an all time high… when things flop big time. When Edina is blamed for the biggest fashion crime in history (killing Kate Moss), the pair become the most hated from London to Hollywood and have to dodge bricks being thrown by Stella McCartney! To escape the paparazzi, they flee the country and try to start a new life among le creme de la creme in the French Riviera.

The movie might throw shade at the fashion industry in a couple of tongue-in-cheek moments… actually, who are we kidding? Patsy can’t keep her tongue in her cheek for one second! But it’s all in good fun as they live out the caricature of the “high life.” It’s funny, it’s shocking, it’s crass, it’s a little over the top, but it’s nothing short than absolutely fabulous.

The film premiers in theaters tomorrow, July 22nd, and it’s a great pick if you want to go out with the girls, enjoy a glass of champagne, and have a good laugh.

Oh, and what did *I* wear to the screening of the movie? Well you know I had to get dolled up in this crop top and maxi skirt combo. I love the curved hem on the crop top since I can let just a sliver of my midsection show if I’m feeling a little more conservative. The length of the skirt keeps it evening-appropriate while the silhouette of my legs peeking through lets me celebrate summer. I picked it up on the online consignment store, ThredUP, and it was like new!

My splash of color was my pale blue Katie Satchel from 88Handbags which is made from vegan leather. And of course, I had to rock my Loud Platform Sandals from Shelly’s London, as my ode to 90s fashion!

Are you a fan of the original Ab Fab series?

9 Responses

  1. mynewestaddiction
    | Reply

    hey fabulous lady. this movie is gonna be so good

  2. Anastasia
    | Reply

    Never heard of the show, but the premise sounds perfect for a girls night 🙂

  3. Aleya Bamdad
    | Reply

    I’ve never heard of the show before but it sounds funny.

  4. Erika
    | Reply

    I’ve been an Eddie and Pats fan since way beck and I can’t wait to see this movie. By the way, sweetie darling, you look absolutely fabulous.

  5. TinaBowling
    | Reply

    I’ve never seen the show but this would be a fun movie to see with my BFF!

  6. marciaf
    | Reply

    I never watched the TV show but what I’m reading about the movie makes it look like fun. I’m glad to got to see this movie in advance with a party.

  7. PrimeBeauty
    | Reply

    I can’t wait to see this movie, the trailer looks so funny!

  8. Jen Mathews
    | Reply

    The movie looks so funny – I’ll have to go see it!

  9. Allison @neversaydiebeauty
    | Reply

    You lucky girl. I can hardly wait!

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