9 of the Best Music Festival Accessories from Amazon

The 2019 festival season if officially upon us! In just a few short weeks, Coachella kicks off our spring and summer festival lineup. I’ve attended many in the past, and definitely have my personal list of essential festival accessories that are must haves to stay cool, comfortable and connected.

The thing about festivals is that you’ll most likely be on your feet and outside for hours. Little conveniences make a big difference in having the most fun experience.

Keep reading to discover what made my list of must-have festival accessories, and click the picture of the item to find them on Amazon!

9 of the Best Music Festival Accessories from Amazon | Slashed Beauty

1. Arcopedico Ls Knit Sneakers ($105)
Your choice of footwear can make or break your festival experience. I recently got a pair of these knit sneakers and am in love. They are incredibly lightweight and are designed to be worn without socks. They’re super breathable and— most importantly— machine-washable. They’ll keep your feet clean and protected with arch support that sandals can’t provide while offering a near-barefoot feel. When you get home, pop them in the wash to get out all the dust and grime.

2. VYE UV Vintage Sunglasses ($8.59)
Pretty self-explanatory, but sunglasses will save you from painfully squinting at your favorite artists from the crowd. Also— have you heard of UV damage on your eye? Not fun.

3. G-Fiend Holographic Fanny Pack ($14.99)
A fanny pack or waist bag is the perfect way to carry your essentials around a festival. I feel safer with my belongings in front of me, and you’ll want to be hands-free to dance to your fave songs! This fanny pack has a fun festival-appropriate holographic finish and a ton of room with two compartments.

4. Sojourner Holographic Hydration Backpack ($39.99)
It is imperative that you stay hydrated during a festival. Particularly at Coachella, where you’re in the middle of the California desert, the sun is strong and the days are long. Bring a hydration backpack to cut down on buying expensive water bottles— they have free water refill stations! Just be sure that it’s empty when you enter the festival. This one is lightweight and comes in a ton of different patterns… but this holographic finish is perfect to match the fanny pack!

5. Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger ($34.99)
Are you even at a music festival if you’re not Instagramming it? Let’s face it: between sharing the festival experience on social media to just trying to connect with friends and meet up at the right stage, your phone will probably be drained before the day is half over. This portable charger will provide up to 3.8 full phone charges!

6. Compact Parasol ($14.99)
Believe it or not, parasols (umbrellas for the sun) are allowed at Coachella— and they’re actually a great idea. Unless you have a VIP ticket, shade will be hard to find at certain points in the day. This compact parasol folds up small at under 7 inches, is super light and provides 95% UV protection so you can avoid sunburn and keep cool.

7. Ukes Sunglasses Strap ($11.99)
I never realized how handy sunglasses straps were until l went to a music festival! Being able to hang my glasses around my neck keeps them closeby at all times and they’ll never be bumped to the ground while dancing.

8. Mini Phone Fans 3 Pack ($9.88)
Breeze? What breeze? Keep cool with these mini fans that plug into your phone for power (both iPhone and Android compatible). Whether you’re waiting in a crowd before an artist hits the stage, or waiting in line for food and water, these will help you stay slightly more comfortable while everyone else cooks in the sun.

9. Bold Cursive Sun Hat ($19.99)
Sun hats are the best way to keep the sun off your face, and add a nice fashion statement, too! This sun hat can be customized with several phrases to fit your own personality or the occasion.

What are your music festival accessory must haves?

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