8 Summer Style Staples

I’m totally guilty to letting my summer style fall bland due to the extreme heat we experience here in Southern California. Many days, I just don’t have much patience for styling a look— I just want to stay cool without much thought of looking cool.

But this summer, that’s changing. I’m tired of the relentless sun stealing my style! Plus, I’m starting to actually appreciate the cute summer clothes that are pretty much in style year-round here in LA. As long as my summer style staples are cute, I still don’t have to give much thought in putting together an ensemble in the morning.

These summer style staples will carry you through the season with easy-to-pair accessories and must-have outfit options | Slashed Beauty

These summer staples are style essentials this season, and will keep you looking fresh without a lot of thought.

1. South Beach Watermelon Beach Bag – Having a whimsical, season-appropriate tote is the best multi-purpose bag for the beach, the pool, a picnic… it can accompany you to most summer activities in style.

2. Push-up Swimsuit – I am rejoicing that one-pieces are back in style with a force not to be reckoned with! This one gives you the best of both worlds with a bikini top and a connected bottom that will give you quite the interesting tan line while showing off your curves.

3. Very Volatile Summa Studded Flats – Sandals are obviously a go-to for summer, and these tan strappy flats will match everything! These ones in particular are extremely comfortable and the buckle strap around the heel keeps them from slipping off when you’re on the go.

4. Clara Tie Back Maxi Dress – Maxi dresses are must-haves during summer, when you want something easy and breezy to slip on. They’re perfect when the temperatures aren’t too brutal, or when you’re having a nighttime cookout and want a little more coverage. Plus, maxi dresses hide my stubbly legs when I get lazy about shaving. 😛

5. Kimono Sleeve Romper – Flouncy rompers are great for summer, since it’s an all in one outfit that’s usually a little flow. The only downside: going pee.

6. Cutout Cat Eye Sunglasses – A good pair of sunnies are essential for summer, and I can’t get over these cat eye glasses that are so me-ow.

7. Merona Floppy Straw Hat – Protect your skin and keep cool with a big floppy hat. I love striped hats, since they accentuate the shape.

8. Mini Whipstitch Satchel Bag – I usually swap out my large purses for smaller cross-body bags for summer, since I’m moving around a lot. They’re great for carrying all of your daily must-haves while staying light-weight. Since I frequent theme parks during the summer, they let me run around without being weighed down.



What are your summer style must-haves?


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