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6 Staples Every Beauty Room Needs

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July 6, 2017

As I’m gearing up to move into my first house, I’ve been stalking Pinterest for beauty room inspiration. While I used to contain my stash in a corner of the living room (my former makeshift vanity and office), now I get to have a whole room to myself! There are definitely recurring items I see the beauty-obsessed using in their own vanity areas that take the space to the next level. They’re on my shopping list, for sure, to dress up my beauty room and also function as efficient storage for my massive makeup collection.

If you want to go all in and upgrade your beauty space, here are six beauty room staples that every makeup maven needs.

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1. Makeup-Themed Decor

Even if you can’t do a complete overhaul of your space, adding some makeup-themed decor can make any corner glamorous. This rose gold lip mirror serves major attitude while adding a trendy metallic accent to the room. Other ideas include fun pillows or framed prints that show off your love for beauty.

2. A Hollywood-esque Makeup Mirror

No beauty room is complete without a lighted mirror, am I right? Go all out with a hollywood style bulb mirror that will make you feel like a celeb. This one stands alone and can be placed on top of any desk or table to instantly transform it into a vanity.

3. A Polish Display Rack

Are you a polish fiend? Keep all of them organized and on display with a nail polish rack. Not only will this keep them tidy and easily accessible, but storing your nail polish upright keeps them in better condition.

4. A Luxurious Chair

Plant your caboose in a chair that makes it feel like a million bucks. A tufted chair adds a little old-school luxury and coziness to the room. Choose one in a fun color complimenting your color scheme to make it a statement piece.

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5. The Iconic White Drawers

White drawers are the standard for storing beauty collections big and small. Not only are they sleek, but they’re versatile too! Let them stand alone, or place a table top over two units to create a desk and vanity with mad storage. The shallow drawers make storing smaller items like mascara and eyeliner easy. Pick up some drawer dividers to compartmentalize even more!

6. Floating Shelves

While storage that keeps everything hidden away can be nice, keeping your favorite or prettiest items on display make for fun— and funcitonal— decor! These planter-style floating shelves have a clean look with a contained compartment to hold items upright. Add your perfume bottles, palettes or lotions for a decorative storage solution.

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