5 Tips for Working Out on Your Period

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There are very few things that can get in the way of my workout schedule, and my period is no exception. It’s been shown that exercising can actually help reduce cramps, so it’s beneficial to continue your fitness routine while your cycle does it’s thing.

5 Tips for Working Out on Your Period | Get the Best Period Workouts with These Tips for Staying Fresh, Comfortable & Confident. | Slashed Beauty

However, there are a few specific hurdles you may encounter when working out on your period, such as cramps, odors, and fatigue. Luckily, there are easy ways to adjust your routine so that working out isn’t any harder than it has to be just because you’re menstruating. Keep reading for my best tips on how to manage your period problems during a workout so they don’t get in the way of an awesome gym session.

Tip #1: Pay Extra Attention to Feminine Hygiene

5 Tips for Working Out on Your Period | How to Get Rid of Period Odor | Slashed Beauty

Feminine hygiene is important whether or not you’re on your period. Chances are, though, you might have a heightened awareness to odors down there around this time of month. Period odor is normal (as long as it’s not fishy), and most of the time nobody other than you will be able to notice it. However, this odor can be intensified by sweat. To stay fresh while working out on my period, I use Summer’s Eve FreshCycle Cleansing Cloths. They come in either a soft pack or a box with individually wrapped clothes, and they’re flushable! They’re made with a patented odor-reducing ingredient and without dyes, parabens or alcohol. I use them in my external intimate area, as well as the crease where my thighs meet my groin, before my workout starts. This greatly reduces— if not completely eliminates— odor caused by everything going on down there.

5 Tips for Working Out on Your Period | How to Get Rid of Period Odor When Working Out | Slashed Beauty

Another option is the Summer’s Eve FreshCycle No-Rinse Cleansing Foam, which can be applied to toilet paper for another convenient at-home use method. This is a great way to reduce waste since you’re applying it to the toilet paper you’d already be using! It has the same odor-reducing effects as the wipes, and one bottle gives you 60+ uses!

5 Tips for Working Out on Your Period | How to Get Rid of Period Odor When Working Out | Slashed Beauty

The Summer’s Eve FreshCycle line are gynecologist and dermatologist-tested for safety, and gynecologists give them a green light for everyday use. Remember to only use these types of products externally though! You never need to use a cleansing product inside the vagina— it cleans itself just fine!

Yes, they are the sponsors of this post but yes, I really do use these in my routine. I started using Summer’s Eve a few years ago for staying fresh while traveling, and now they’re a staple in my period routine too. You can get a printable $1 off FreshCycle coupon on their website here, and all the products are available at Target.

Tip #2: Swap Tampons & Pads for a Menstrual Cup

Ya’ll know how serious I am about spreading the menstrual cup gospel, but they are especially convenient for active lifestyles. I used to be very self-conscious about working out on my period due to leaks and unexpected… gushes. Now that I use a cup, I know I’m solid! I’ve swam in my cup, ran in my cup, and done endless squats in my cup confidently.

Tip #3: Stay Hydrated

I preach drinking lots of water all the time, but staying hydrated can also help alleviate period symptoms that may be getting in the way of you having your best workout. Drinking water will help beat bloating, as well as reduce headaches. And a total side note: it will also help your skin stay clearer on your period!

Tip #4: Warm Up & Stretch

5 Tips for Working Out on Your Period | Period Workout Hacks | Slashed Beauty

Don’t skip the warm up when you work out on your period. Fatigue is common during your menstrual cycle, so jumping straight into a strenuous work out will burn you out faster when you’re already feeling like you’re running on low. Work up to your normal intensity slowly to ease into the workout. Stretching ahead of time is also incredibly helpful in order to minimize soreness (who needs that if you’re already cramping?!) but also to alleviate any cramps you have before you start.

Tip #5: Listen to Your Body

All in all, you need to listen to your body. If you start working out on your period and it becomes too much— maybe you start getting dizzy or nauseous— take those signs seriously and stop exercising. If you’re really not feeling up to something strenuous, try a low-impact yoga class instead. It’s totally okay to adjust your fitness routine in order to give your body the TLC it needs… which sometimes means resting.

5 Tips for Working Out on Your Period | Period Workout Hacks | Slashed Beauty

Working out on your period doesn’t need to be a burden. These tips will help you stay fresh, comfortable and confident while staying on track with you fitness goals.

How does your fitness routine change when you’re on your period?


  1. The hygiene part is a great one for exercising on your period. I wish Summer’s Eve would have more options like they do now back in the day!

  2. I haven’t had a period in quite some time (birth control & then pregnancy) but these are great tips for when I do start up again. I didn’t know Summers Eve made so many products!

  3. I’m one of those people that usually can’t work out while on my period; I’m just too heavy of a bleeder and it makes me collapse. Kinda bummed about that actually because I like working out for my mental health!

  4. You’ve got some great tips. The first two days of my period were always gushers so I would have loved having the cleansing cloths in particular.

  5. Ayyy, I am all about the Diva Cup!! I play college sports and that thing is awesome! Especially when we are on the go so much. (I have had some spills, but they could have been prevented on my part).
    I will be looking into the Summer’s Eve foam cleansing because I dislike the discarding of towelettes!

    1. Yaasss!!! Cups have been a game changer when it comes to staying active on my period, and for traveling! Yeah, the great part about the towelettes is that they’re flushable as well. Really convenient.

  6. Sometimes I am quite happy that I am in menopause! I have used the cleansing cloths shown here before in my running pack. They are good for quick clean up in general.

  7. I always found that exercise definitely helped my cramps. These products from Summer’s Eve make so much sense to use during your period.

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