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5 Small Beauty Upgrades That Make a Big Difference

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February 16, 2017

Do you ever feel like you’re in a beauty rut? The same routine day by day can get mundane, but overhauling your entire look is intimidating… and costly!

Get out of your beauty rut with these small beauty upgrades that can make a big difference in your routine-- both the result and process getting there.

Luckily, there are beauty upgrades you can do on a smaller scale that can make a huge difference in your routine… from your makeup, to your hair, to your body! Switching out some of your every day go-tos can revive your regimen for enhanced results you love. Even the smallest swaps can make a world of a difference— check out these 5 small beauty upgrades to make and get excited about your morning routine again!

1. Deodorant: You Use it Every Day, You Might as Well Love It

I don’t know about you, but for years I just grabbed whatever deodorant I saw first on the shelf or that was on sale and went about my business. The thing is, it’s a product we’re using on our skin every single day… shouldn’t we be putting as much thought into it as we do our skin care routine? So now, I use Dove Advanced Care Deodorant , which gives 48 hours of both odor and wetness protection. The reason why I like it best is that it has the added skincare benefits of Dove’s 1/4 moisturizers and NutriumMoisture to keep the skin around my underarms smooth and soft. I love how it smells, how it feels, and how it just plain works. I can still pick it up at my local drugstore and find it affordably both full price and on sale.

2. Your Makeup is Only as Good as Your Brushes

It’s true— even if you’re buying the most expensive palettes, your brushes really determine how products will perform. Picking up soft, high quality brushes will make a world of difference in your routine. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot, either. There are a ton of affordable brush brands that work extremely well, from Real Techniques to EcoTools to e.l.f. that you can find at the drugstore. I always reach for synthetic brushes most, which are soft, easy to clean, and hold up longer so you get your money’s worth. I also toss brushes after a couple if they start to feel rough or frayed.

3. Get Yourself a Decent Pair of Tweezers

No pain no gain? Not in this case! Picking up a high quality pair of tweezers will make grooming your brows something you’ll look forward to— not something your eyes will start tearing up just thinking about. Tweezers with thinner, more angled blades have seemed to work the best on me. They grab on to the hair more easily so that I can tweeze with less pain and more precision. My favorite pair are the Tweezerman Minis, which are small and easy to handle.

4. Your Hair Brush Should Help, not Hurt

Another tool you’re using practically every day, your hairbrush should be your friend. When I switched to a brush specifically targeted to detangle gently, my life was changed. I have way less breakage and hair loss, and my hair routine goes a lot more quickly since I’m not trying to negotiate with knots for too long. My absolutely fave is the Wet Brush, which I discovered in my hair salon, but you can pick it up at most department stores.

5. Good Hot Tools Make a Difference

When was the last time you added a new hot tool to your aresenal? Old hair stylers can lose their effectiveness, and there is always new technology budding that’s better for your hair. Again, you don’t need to spend a lot— this is one of my new favorite hair curlers from PRO Beauty Tools, which is only $30 at Target. It’s the Professional X-Long Gold Curling Iron, which has a barrel that’s two inches longer than the standard to accommodate longer hair. It’s a small characteristic that can making styling your hair a much more enjoyable experience.

These beauty swaps can upgrade your routine to make a big difference in your end result and feel, or just make the process a lot more enjoyable.

Have you upgraded anything in your routine lately?

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6 Responses

  1. Kiss & Make-up
    | Reply

    Oh yes, having the right tools is everything! Same for tweezers.

  2. ktmcglp
    | Reply

    I while ago I switched out my old straightener for a new one that had a lot more technology than my old one, let me tell ya it’s so much easier, dont’ have to wait a long time for that sucker to heat up lol ! I agree with one thing is a brush they get gross after a while and that needs switching out I find. Also a good shampoo ! don’t get me wrong I love my drug store products but i do notice a difference between salon and drug store!!

    • Miranda Mendoza
      | Reply

      Soooo true!!! A good shampoo that actually works with your hair instead of against it is soo crucial.

  3. MarciaF
    | Reply

    Pretty pink brushes bring smiles! I love my Wet Brush and wonder what I did before I had it.

  4. Cindy Ingalls
    | Reply

    I so agree with good makeup brushes–they make a huge difference!

  5. NeverSayDieBeauty
    | Reply

    I just got a new Luxie brush last night, and I took out my other Luxies to photograph them. Love seeing yours.

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