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5 Must-Have Hair Tools for Thick Hair

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December 19, 2017

I definitely have a love-hate relationship with the thickness of my hair. It comes in very handy for styling curls and braids, but it’s also heavy, hot, and costs a lot at the salon. People always tell me they wish they had my thick hair, but sometimes I just want to chop it all off!

The one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to hair has been thrown out the window! Over the years, I’ve slowly discovered products that make my routine that much easier with each addition. They’re tools that cut down on time, help me avoid pain and breakage, and just work better on my thick hair.

Keep reading to check out my must-have tools for thick hair, and how they make my life so much easier.

Watch the video above to hear me go more in depth and demonstrate the products.

1. Kiss Instawave Pro

This automatic hair curler lets me work in larger sections than a wand or clamp curler. It helps spread your hair over the barrel more evenly for longer-lasting and frizz free curls. The beeping feature lets you know when you can take the hair off the barrel to avoid damage and maximize time. I literally threw out all my clamp curlers after adding this to my routine— it’s just so easy and styles my thick hair effortlessly.

2. The Wet Brush

You won’t find a better detangling brush. Unlike other detangling brushes, this one is actually shaped like… gasp… an actual brush with a handle and all. Why do other detanglers think we don’t need a handle? We do! The leverage makes all the difference when brushing through thick hair. The bristles bend with your hair instead of ripping through it, and the bristles glide through your whole head like butter whether your hair is wet or dry. No more post-shower PTSD!

3. Milk & Sass Sugar Twists

Coiled hair ties are thick hair’s best friend. Normal hair ties pull, they’re not stretchy enough to wrap around to secure well, or you have to twist them extremely tight. They leave bends, and cause headaches. The coiled shape of the Sugar Twists fixes that. The coils comb through your hair to spread the pressure and grip your hair so you don’t have to quadruple-up and it never slides. You also don’t get dents if you want to take them out mid-day!

4. Alligator Clips

These are amazing for when you need to clip your hair out of your face when working in layers. One clip can handle my entire head of hair and securely keeps layers on top when I’m straightening, curling or dying sections at a time.

5. Frenchies Hair Pins

Hands down the best pins you’ll ever use, especially for updos. These hair pins are flocked in a velvety material that provides traction so they never slip or pop out of your hair. One box has two different sizes— one of the large pins can actually hold my whole head of hair in a bun! Two keeps it extra secure.

Do you have any other thick hair tools you can’t live without?

2 Responses

  1. Christine
    | Reply

    I hear ya, thick hair is both a blessing and a curse! It’s difficult to maintain, but has its upsides too. It really helped on my wedding day, in giving my updo more volume (and my bald brother-in-law says that fine, if I don’t like my thick hair why don’t I give him some LOL..I would if I could!)

    Thanks for the recommendations! I’ll check out the Instawave. You know what else really helps me? Microfiber towels (you can find a ton of them online through Amazon, etc.) I didn’t think that the towel I used would make much difference. But the microfiber towel just absorbs moisture from my hair better, so that it’s faster to dry my hair (and I can spend less time blow drying). One time I used a hotel towel, and it took FOREVER to dry. Now I always remember to pack my own microfiber towel with me when traveling! Of course, a powerful hair dryer is also a must (I typically can’t use anything below 1850 watts). This has worked for me!

    • Miranda
      | Reply

      That is very true!!! I use a microfiber turban to help absorb the moisture out of my hair while keeping it out of my face!

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