5 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes Using Regular Clothes

    Every year, I get more and more flustered about dressing up for Halloween. Particularly this year, I don’t have a lot of money to spend on an elaborate costume due to wedding costs. I’ve been determined to put together easy DIY halloween costumes from pieces I already have in my wardrobe. If I need to spend any money, I want it to be toward clothing that I can use in real life after Halloween is over.

    Check out these 5 easy DIY Halloween Costumes that are mostly made up of normal clothing. You can ease your mind knowing you’ll get repeated use out of the different elements of the outfit. Keep scrolling to find each item online, or just use the photo for inspiration and raid your own closet to put together your custom look.


    These cute and clumsy characters can make great Halloween costumes with normal, every-day clothing!

    Yellow Ribbed Knit Sweater
    Denim Overall Dress
    Circle Lens Glasses
    Black Gloves
    Side-Zip Chunky Heel Booties


    Everyone needs a go-to black dress. You’ll get a ton of use out of the main element of this DIY halloween costume, especially at formal events.

    Black Maxi Dress
    Long Satin Gloves
    Pearl Necklace
    Plastic Cigarette Holder
    Tiara Crown Comb


    Everything in this outfit can be re-purposed for a cute casual look. The cardigan is perfect for upcoming chilly weather, and I’m particularly loving the gold loafers for fall!

    White Button Down Shirt
    Blue Cardigan
    Yellow Skirt
    Gold Loafers
    Red Bow Headband


    This was my personal last-minute DIY halloween costume two years ago, and I didn’t have to buy one thing to put it together! Show support for your fellow woman with this empowering outfit. I was getting all the compliments in the ladies’ room and a ton of “you go girl!” shouts.

    Chambray Shirt
    Black Pants
    Polka Dot Headband
    Combat Boots


    The sassy and smart character from the classic Rugrats cartoon, you can cop Susie’s style affordably. Just throw your hair in a triple pony tail and you’ve got the look!

    Yellow Tunic
    Purple Leggings
    Coral Ballet Flats
    Flower Hair Clips

    What are your Halloween costume plans this year?



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