VLOG: Prepping for the 2014 Grammys

    I’ve never been more stoked for a Sunday to arrive! I’m going to the 2014 Grammys After Party!!! I won a Mastercard contest that I didn’t even enter (seriously, so random)… one thing led to another and they gave me two tickets to the exclusive Grammy Celebration (the Recording Academy’s official after party), where Boyz II Men and Ciara are going to perform!

    Since I was pretty skeptical at first, I held off on prepping for the big night. Plus, this was my first week back at school so I didn’t really have time to hit up the mall and get something to wear. So I packed a lot of what I had to do into my Friday: getting my hair cut and finding a dress! Follow me around in my vlog!

    Can you guess which dress I ended up buying? I still need to get shoes and a clutch, which is happening tomorrow. On Sunday, I’ll be uploading my official “Get Ready With Me” video to reveal which one I chose, plus how I’m doing my makeup for the event. The video will be on my YouTube channel, which I will publish here on the blog as Monday’s post. Then I’m thinking Tuesday I’ll be able to give ya’ll a run down of what happened at the after-party… we’ll see what my lack of sleep permits. 😉

    Have you ever had to get ready for a big event at the last minute? I’m still kind of freaking out.



    1. The first dress gets my vote! Gorgeous, classy and stylish! Can’t wait to see what you chose. Have a ton of fun and can’t wait to hear all about it!

    2. YOU ARE THE LUCKIEST PERSON EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! and you’re adorable. I can’t wait to read posts after the party!! You’ve got to IG and tweet!!!


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