Summer Beauty Favorites 2015

    Summer Beauty Favorites 2015 | Slashed BeautySummer Beauty Favorites 2015 | Slashed BeautySummer Beauty Favorites 2015 | Slashed Beauty

    Summer has been a whirlwind of new products and new favorites. While I’m obviously too all over the place to do monthly favorites, I’ve definitely fallen in love with a few choice beauty favorites this season that deserve some extra recognition.

    These products won me over with their quality, value, and have been playing a part in my daily routines lately. Watch the video below for mini-reviews of all the products.

    Products Mentioned:


    And now for the biggest summer favorite of all, the newest member of our family: Sir Pounce! We’ve been talking about adopting a kitty for a while now– it was even a driving factor prompting our move into a new apartment that was pet-friendly. We went down to L.A. Love & Leashes yesterday, which brings city shelter pets into a store-front setting to take the stigma away from shelter animals and get more eyes on loving pets who need homes. We fell in love with this little guy, who warmed up to us right away! The workers said he was independent, but affectionate. He’s settling in nicely and we can’t stop snuggling with him 🙂 .

    What has been your favorite summer beauty find?



    1. Congrats on the new furbaby! That’s a big relationship step, too! woot! Good timing on this review, because guess who just stocked up on the ultra-matte lippies! Yes! I just went and bought a few, including Trap (you convinced me).

    2. Sir Pounce is a cutie! I love Ecotools — I’ll have to check out that brush. The e.l.f. eyebrow kit is seriously great. It’s one of the few brow products I’ve tried that I get along with. I’ve been trying a lot, too, from high end and drugstore.

        • I really like e.l.f. Essential Instant Lift Brow Pencil, too. It’s that rare not too creamy but not too stiff formula. I just wish they had some warmer colors. I use the neutral brown when I need a darker or more dramatic brow. I hope they expand the colors options in the future. Have a good night!

    3. Love your new kitty! Black ones are my faves. And glad to see my fave mascara, CoverGirl The Super Sizer, on your list of favorites!


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