SPOTTED: New (AWESOME) Additions to the 99 Cent Store

    99 cent store

    A few weeks ago I let you in on my ultimate beauty saving secret: getting a lot of my essentials from the 99 cent store! Today I was stopping by to replace a drinking glass that broke and of course wound up in the beauty aisle to stock up on things like nail polish remover and hand soap. Little did I know I’d find some AWESOME new additions!

    1. e.l.f. Essential Makeup Brushes- FINALLYYYYYY. I actually remember writing e.l.f. a while back telling them they should put their brushes in dollar stores and this is the first time I’ve spotted them here. I will take all the credit, thank you very much! I only found the bronzing brush and eyeshadow brush in my store, but hopefully they expand their stock to include the entire Essentials collection!
    2. Nivea Cream Travel Sizes- I carry one of these with me all the time, but usually buy them from the drugstore at about $3 a pop. Now I can stock up and have one in all of my purses!
    3. Suave Body Wash- My 99 Cent Store used to only carry the Halsa dupe body wash that I talked about in my 99 Cent Store post a few weeks back, but now they’re actually carrying the real deal! Best part: they’re FULL SIZE. That’s right. All 12 oz for 99 cents.
    4. Hair Donut-  I’m amazed at how many companies have capitalized on the sock bun craze. This is a perfect affordable solution if you don’t have a sock you want to cut up, you don’t want to spend $10 on Hot Buns, or you just wanna test out the style on yourself!

    I seriously encourage you to run out to your local 99 Cent Store and see if they’ve added these new additions, too!



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