REVIEW & SWATCHES: Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow palette

    I only started experimenting with cream eyeshadows this past year. I had one really bad experience with a cream shadow palette years and years ago. I had taken it from the back of my mom’s makeup drawer and it made my eyelids puff up and itch, which turned me off for a good long while (even though it was most likely just because the eyeshadow was expired or something). Now that I’ve finally gotten over that traumatization, I’ve been meandering from brand to brand trying to find cream shadows that work for me.

    revlon illuminance creme shadow palette

    Last month I had a $4 off coupon for Revlon eye cosmetics at Rite Aid the same week the brand was 40% off! I was able to pick up the Illuminance Creme Shadow quad in Va Va Va Bloom for a mere 90 cents plus tax! Regardless of how it performed, I was already completely satisfied with my purchase considering the markdown from it’s regular $6.50 price tag.


    This palette contains .12 oz of product and comes in this elegant palette that shows you the accurate eyeshadow shades in the windows, which actually house the eyeshadows themselves. The palette closes shut extremely tightly which I like for traveling purposes but it’s actually pretty hard to open without chipping a nail!


    I thought this was the perfect fall/winter palette that included a lot of on-trend colors.

    From Left to Right:

    Shade #1: A purple-leaning burgundy
    Shade #2: A unique rose gold
    Shade #3 A true violet
    Shade #4: A pearly pink


    These shadows are delightfully pigmented, and are also very blendable with each other and other shadows. My favorite shades are the purple-leaning burgundy and the rose gold, especially when used together.

    Unfortunately, even with UD’s Primer Potion and setting spray, these creased when applied to my lid within the first three to four hours of wear. With powder eyeshadow on top, they only performed slightly better, but mostly dragged the powder into the creases with them. Plus, the shades are so beautiful on their own that I don’t want to wear them as only a base!

    I can still use these blended out in the crease or on my browbone, so they aren’t a complete and total bust. Plus, let’s face it, I paid less than a dollar for the palette, so I’m not too bummed. I really wish I could get that rose gold to stay on my lid though, it’s so damn pretty!

    If you don’t struggle from oily eyelids this might work for you, but considering I used primer and setting spray, I’d be wary and most likely suggest skipping this quad.

    Do you have a drugstore cream eyeshadow you can recommend?



    1. Oh man, having an allergic reaction would put me off using them too! I don’t really use cream shadow on its own that mch, but someone in the comments suggested using them as a base and I agree with them. Not with these colors though, obviously, as they’re quite pretty and you wouldn’t want to obscure them. 🙂

    2. I tried one of these same palettes years ago and had the same creasing problem no matter how i used them. it’s too bad because they do have a great array of really pretty colors!!

    3. Surprisingly, I actually do like these creme shadows as eye bases! They do totally crease on their own… so I apply primer, just a bit of the cream shadow, and then top with powder. I just like that it provides a nice, sticky base and enhances the color of my powder shadows.
      I love how personal makeup is… and how two people can have totally different experiences with the same product! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!! The photo of your swatches is just lovely. 🙂
      Jess (

    4. Oh noo! My first thought when I loaded the page was “omg pretty colors, where can I buy those!!” Creasing is a huge problem with cream eye shadows for me because I have oily eyelids. If you say they clumped even with UD primer potion, then they will definitely not work for me either, because that’s exactly what I use, too.

    5. I bought this in “Not Just Nudes” a while back. I had the same problem with creasing and since I have pretty dry skin I don’t think these will work for anyone 🙁


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