Review & Swatches: BH Cosmetics Baked and Beautiful Palette

    Does anyone else have a seriously hard time finding a good baked eyeshadow? I’m so blasé about them because before recently, I could count the baked shadows that I have found and liked on one hand. I’ve literally found only one brand that I consider to make eyeshadows right, and that’s my homie BH Cosmetics. I was super impressed with their Wild & Free palette which I used in my music festival makeup tutorial, and they’ve blown me away with their newest Baked & Beautiful Eyeshadow Palette.

    Review: BH Cosmetics Baked and Beautiful Palette | Slashed Beauty

    Mmm look at that beauty! The BH Cosmetics Baked & Beautiful palette consists of ten single eyeshadows and five eyeshadow duos for a total of 20 gorgeous shades. I would say the palette is predominately neutral with pops of blues and pinks in the mix, making it a great everyday palette that can also deliver some fun night looks.

    Review: BH Cosmetics Baked and Beautiful Palette | Slashed Beauty

    The texture of these baked eyeshadows are spot on. While many brands equate baked to hard and/or powdery, BH Cosmetics nailed it with a silky formula that actually carries a lot of pigmentation. Color payoff is always my #1 complaint with most baked shadows, but these show up strong against my light-medium skin.

    Review: BH Cosmetics Baked and Beautiful Palette | Slashed Beauty

    top and middle row
    Review: BH Cosmetics Baked and Beautiful Palette | Slashed Beauty
    bottom row

    When I first applied an entire look using these shadows, I was like “Okay baked shadows, I see you, but let’s see how long you actually last.” To say they rose to the occasion was an understatement. With primer, these lasted all freaking day without a hint of creasing or even fading. What! For a baked shadow, this is unheard of for me.

    Literally my only complaint is that, since baked shadows are generally shimmery or glowy, I wish that BH had included more dark shades to add as lid and crease colors since these are mostly lighter and mid-toned. I typically go for the deep purple in the first duo on the left for my crease. I challenge the brand to create a couple baked matte shadows for their next palette… that would be AMAZING.

    Review: BH Cosmetics Baked and Beautiful Palette | Slashed Beauty

    Something to note as well: this palette is labelled vegan. When I reached out to my contact at the brand, she told me that this is a new initiative for them, so expect to see more vegan and cruelty free products from BH Cosmetics!

    All in all, very impressed with these shadows— they’ve become the only baked eyeshadows I have time for because I don’t need to go layering for days to actually get color pay off, and I don’t have to worry about it looking wacky as the day goes on. Snaps to that!

    You can get the BH Cosmetics Baked & Beautiful palette for around $12— such a steal— on the brand’s website.



    1. This palette has a really nice mix of shades. Good to know that they apply well and are long-lasting too. I find that I have to apply baked shadows wet to get the most out of them. That helps quite a bit. This is a steal though at $12. Thanks for the review!

    2. Wow, this palette looks awesome!! I love the purple shade especially! I certainly don’t “need” another eyeshadow palette, but I reallllly want this!

    3. This is a great palette! I love that there’s a mix of neutrals and a couple of colourful shades. I once tried a baked trio but some kind of “film” seemed to form over them after a while – possibly from my fingers – and the colour wouldn’t show up unless I swatched hard.

    4. I waited on line to get a BH palette for about twenty minutes at a beauty show but had to leave and catch a train. Loving this palette though. It would have been worth the wait.

    5. that looks like a great palette! I’m often seduced by the look of baked shadows, but tire of the whole “apply wet’ thing. I do like Laura Geller’s baked shadows, and you can often find deals on them on Hautelook and the like.


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