REVIEW: Puffs Fresh Faces Nose & Face Wipes

    I’ve been on the lookout for a makeup remover wipe that I like as much as my Neutrogena ones. I recently had the opportunity to try the new Puffs Fresh Faces Nose & Face wipes, which are made with saline. The website states, “saline is a natural way to help remove your makeup, wipe your nose or freshen up after a workout or long day.”

    puffs fresh faces

    The first thing I liked about these wipes was the packaging. It comes in a sturdy box, much like a tissue box. The wipes themselves are enclosed in a pouch within the box, and sealed by a plastic snap-close lid. I think this packaging is seriously rad; it’s probably my favorite thing about the product. Even though it’s a little bulky, the wipes stay closed, sanitary, and the box won’t leave the top few wipes vulnerable to drying out- one of my biggest pet peeves. I’ve tried the Light Lavender scent as well as the Fragrance Free wipes, but they are also available in Fresh Scent and The Scent of Vicks. The Light Lavender scent is not strong, and doesn’t linger.


    The Puff Fresh Faces wipes are thicker than others I’ve tried, and very soft. However, they aren’t as saturated as I personally like my makeup removing towelettes to be. The formula breaks down face makeup well, but I have trouble getting all of my eye makeup off, especially mascara. Because they aren’t extremely saturated, I end up having to tug on my eyes quite a bit trying to get everything off. I have very sensitive skin around my eyelids, and the first few times I used the wipes I felt a slight stinging sensation in that area. This is pretty common for me when I try a new makeup remover. Since that happened I try to use a light hand around my eye area and the stinging has stopped, so I have to use a different eye makeup remover for that job.

    Although I don’t really find these wipes to do the job in tackling my regularly heavy eye makeup, I’ve found a couple of great ways to use them. On days where I am wearing very light makeup or no makeup at all and want a quick cleanse, these towelettes are perfect. The upside to the lack of saturation is that they don’t leave your face wet or greasy at all, which is convenient when you’re using them on-the-go.

    I’ve also liked using these towelettes as a quick spot cleaner for my makeup brushes! Especially if I need to use one brush for multiple products, by dabbing the brush into the wipe I clean it enough so I don’t transfer one product into another. It also doesn’t leave my brush wet, so I can use it immediately after spot cleaning.


    The Puffs Fresh Faces wipes come in a box of 45 wipes for $4.99, which is an amazing value. They are also available in travel packs of 15 wipes. In the future, I would purchase these wipes for quick daily cleansing, but not so much for makeup removal.

    Learn more about Puffs Fresh Faces and natural saline at You can find them in the tissue aisle at your local Walmart and Target.


    I received the Puffs Fresh Faces wipes from PR for review purposes. All opinions are my own.



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