Review: Makeup by One Direction “Up All Night” Kit

    Review: Makeup by One Direction

    Calling all Directioners! Are you ready to take a look inside the brand new Makeup by One Direction limited edition collection? The line was officially launched in the US this Monday, starting at Macy’s. After creating a lot of buzz with my preview of all three kits, I got my hands on the Up All Night tin to share with you.

    Review: Makeup by One Direction

    Just like the other two, the Up All Night tin houses an eyeshadow palette, a lipgloss, a lipstick, mascara, a chubby eyeliner, nail polish, and stencils. The color scheme in this specific kit is blue and bright pink. Just to comment on the packaging: the actual image of the One Direction boys is printed on a plastic sleeve that slips over the tin, which is wrapped in a grey brick graphic. I would have liked to see the image directly on the tin, but I digress.


    The 4+1 eyeshadow palette mixes bright blue and neutral hues to make it wearable. The texture of the four powder shades are very silky and easy to blend– I will admit, I was surprised with how pleasant they were to work with. The one “cream” shade, Up All Night, feels sort of gelatinous. After swatching once, it seemed that there was normal powder shadow underneath the cream layer. It’s hard to get the glitter to apply evenly, so I wouldn’t necessarily wear this shade on my eyes, but would probably pair it with the stencils to create face art.

    Review: Makeup by One Direction

    The chubby eye pencil is in the shade Stand Up, which is a deep cobalt blue. This applies pretty thick with full opacity. I would suggest keeping this puppy on the upper lash line and on top of primer. When applied to the bare bottom lashes, it crept further down throughout the day. The pencil would also work well for filling in the stencils.

    Review: Makeup by One Direction

    One of the highlights (no pun intended) of the kit is the Liquilights Glow Gloss in the shade Taken. This lipgloss is UV-reactive and will glow under blacklight! I don’t have any of those lying around though, but check out Jessica’s swatch on Be Happy and Buy Polish to see the effect– SO COOL! Reminds me of Demi Lovato’s makeup in her Neon Lights video. On its own, the gloss is a bright pink with tons of glitter. It’s on the thicker side with a slight sweet scent to it.

    Review: Makeup by One Direction

    The lipstick that comes in this kit is in the shade I Should Have Kissed You, a matte bubblegum pink. This product is pretty dry so I seriously urge you to layer it on top of some lip balm (or underneath the Liquilights gloss!). Light pinks like this one don’t do my lips much justice, and I Should Have Kissed You was no exception. I found the texture pretty unappealing, and it made my exfoliated lips look crackly.

    Review: Makeup by One Direction

    In this kit, we receive the nail polish shade, Na Na Na. This beautiful duochrome shifts from blue-teal to green in the light. It’s a great pedicure shade for the close of summer– it screams beach day! The formula is pleasant, and has a thinner consistency that layers well.

    Lastly, we get a simple black mascara called “Little Black Dress.” It’s aptly named, because I think it will doll up any look. It doesn’t add a terrible amount of drama, but it certainly darkens up and defines the lashes. It’s suitable for a more subtle look, which is perfect for the demographic of the makeup in the first place.

    Review: Makeup by One Direction

    Stencils come as a bonus to help create fun face art. These would be really cute to wear for a concert.

    The tins retail for around $28.50, which is averaging just under $5 for each makeup item in the kit. I think that the quality is okay for the price, but just right for your average teeny bopper. If you have a hardcore Directioner in your life, I’m sure they would love this kit.

    The Makeup by One Direction tins are now available at Macy’s and will be releasing in the following retailers across the US:

    • Stage Stores: August 25th
    • Dillards: August 25th
    • Beauty Brands: August 25th
    • Lord and Taylor: August 25th

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    What’s your favorite 1D song?



    1. My fave 1D song is ‘Stole My Heart’. I will crank it in the car!! Thanks for the link to the blacklight reaction of the lipgloss. I hadn’t seen it before. I had pretty much the same reaction as you to the kit. Love the denim blue pencil, the pink lipstick was a bust for me.

    2. I’ve been enjoying the lipstick and the nail polish, and the kids I gave the shadows & gloss to love it. I think it’s a nice set


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