REVIEW: Lush Easter 2014 Collection

    Lush 2014 Easter Collection

    LUSH is at it again with their limited edition treats for Easter. These are the perfect way to indulge yourself while everyone else is chowing down on hidden candy… oh what the heck, eat the sweets while in the bath with these products! I’ve been enjoying four of LUSH’s latest luxurious goodies while relaxing on spring break.

    Lush 2014 Easter Collection: Golden Egg Bath Melt Bomb

    Golden Egg Bath Melt Bomb ($8.95)
    While this golden egg may not grant you access to the nearest chocolate factory, it will provide a relaxing, sparkly bath! This brand new invention is both a bath bomb and melt. The outer layer is made of organic cocoa butter dusted in golden lustre; once it dissolves, the fizzy center emerges! The melt bomb is scented in LUSH’s famous Honey I Washed the Kids fragrance, and turns the bathwater a green-yellow color. Be warned, you might leave the bath with some sparkles on you and in the tub! Watch my instavideo to see it in action:

    Lush 2014 Easter Collection: Bunny Bubble Bar

    Bunny Bubble Bar ($6.95)
    Move over, rubber ducky! This cute bunny is the new bath time best friend. Made with a new formula using shea butter and coconut oil, the bunny produces mounds of moisturizing bubbles that smell like the Creamy Candy scent! Once the bunny’s white coat dissolves, a pink center with blue flower petals is revealed, and the water turns a pretty baby pink shade. This bubble bar is pretty dense and easy to break apart to use it multiple times.

    Lush 2014 Easter Collection: Carrot Soap

    Carrot Soap ($7.75 for 1/4 lb)
    This is a slice of the large carrot shaped soap, and you can see a leaping bunny in every piece (turn your head to the left)! Made with moisturizing carrot oil and cocoa butter, this soap feels so great on the skin, leaving it conditioned and rejuvenated. Looks can be deceiving, as it doesn’t smell like carrots one bit, but fruity and tropical.

    Lush 2014 Easter Collection: Brightside Bubble Bar

    Brightside Bubble Bar ($10.95)
    This treat makes its second Spring appearance, and is being added to LUSH’s permanent line by popular demand! It smells sweet and super citrusy, turning the bathwater a bright coral orange with frothy bubbles. Brightside is pretty large… enough for multiple baths, and you’ll definitely want to make the most of it.

    Since I don’t formally celebrate Easter, these treats let me get in on the fun while unwinding! LUSH has got me loving baths again, since I always get out feeling refreshed and with soothed skin. You can shop these products online and in stores, but hurry before they’re gone!

    What’s your favorite Easter treat?




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