Monthly Favorites: June 2014

    Monthly Favorites: June 2014

    This month’s favorites post was hard for me to put together because it marks the almost-halfway point of summer break! Although it hasn’t felt like much of a break because I’ve been keeping myself extremely busy. I’ve also been trying a ton of new beauty products, but only five made the cut for this month’s favorites.

    Products Mentioned:

    Non-Beauty Favorite:

    I had been talking myself out of buying a DSLR for the longest time. I kept convincing myself that I didn’t need one, my point-and-shoot was just fine, and it was just too big of an expense. But when the Canon Rebel T3i showed up on Groupon for $475, there were no more excuses to be made. I’m absolutely in LOVE with it! My videos and photos are crisper and I have so much more control of how an image will be captured. I’m still in that phase where I’m super paranoid to take it out of my house, but I am excited to bring it to beautiful places with me in the future.

    What have you fallen in love with this month?



      • I was too! That was part of the reason I held off so long. My mom is a pro photographer though so she gave me a quick crash course on the must-know basics. Also, YouTube has a plethora of instructional videos that helped me get set up!

      • I thought I wanted that too, but I heard that 1) it’s really noisy and 2) it takes forever for it to find the new point of focus. So much faster to just do it manually! But it *would* help for when I scoot back a few inches and then suddenly am out of focus for the rest of the vid -_-

    1. I still use my old D60 Nikon for my blog… and have been filming my videos on my phone since my camcorder died… but I am gonna have to get me a T3i or T5i soon… I want better quality.

    2. Ok, you’re having another fantabulous hair day! Love the wave. Also noticed the nail art! woot! I need that Revealed2 palette. I’m waiting for it to go on sale again, and hopefully with other things! I love Coastal Scents sales.

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