LuxePineapple High End Beauty Haul!

    Like I mentioned last week in my post “5 Reasons Why I Hate Shopping at Beauty Counters,” I do most of my high-end makeup shopping online (you really can’t blame me…). One website I turn to for great bargains on makeup is LuxePineapple.

    LuxePineapple is an online retailer that sells authentic designer makeup and beauty products for what could be as low as drugstore prices. Some items are from past limited edition collections, some were meant to be testers, others have been discontinued… but regardless of how they got there, they end up becoming affordable for us budgeting beauties! Oh, and did I mention that shipping is free to US?! I recently picked up 4 high end beauty products for under $55.

    High End Beauty Haul

    1. Ouidad Styling Mist Setting & Holding Spray (Retail: $16, LuxePineapple: $10.50)
    Ouidad is a brand that makes specialty products for curly hair, and I’ve always wanted to test their hair care on my out of control mane. I have a problem with half of my curls flattening throughout the day while the underbrush stays kinky. This holding spray is supposed to set my curls and keep them defined without feeling stiff or sticky. It has a pleasant, sweet scent and contains jojoba oil for extra shine!

    2. Kevyn Aucoin The Prime Color Creme Eyeshadow (Retail: $27, LuxePineapple: $14)
    This was actually the dud of the order! I was so excited to receive it, but the click pen dispenser works like a jack-in-the-box. I’ll click, click, click, click, with nothing to show for it. Then after what seems like a billion clicks, a geyser of product shoots out! I actually had LuxePineapple send me a replacement and it happened again. I wonder if it could be the shipping conditions from Pennsylvania… is the product freezing at the tip?

    3. MAC Plushglass in Oversexed (Retail: $20, LuxePineapple: $14)
    Can you keep a secret? This was my first ever MAC purchase! The Plushglass is a sheer gloss that feels moisturizing and has a lovely vanilla scent. It’s supposed to give your lips a “buzz” for a plumper look, but I didn’t feel any type of sensation. Oversexed is a sheer deep berry with a golden pearl. The gloss starts out a bit tacky but gets more comfortable to wear with time.

    4. Stila Convertible Eye Color Dual Shadow & Liner in Lilac (Retail: $22, LuxePineapple: $15)
    I’m pretty sure these have been discontinued, so I was glad I could pick up such a lovely shade. The Convertible Eye Colors have a twist up eye pencil on one end and a smudging sponge on the other. However, the smudging sponge is a joke because it literally erases all of the color. I love using this on my lower lash line for a pop of color that stays all day long.

    luxeswatchesTop: Stila Convertible Eye Color, Bottom: MAC Plushglass

    Total Spent: $53.50
    Total Saved: $31.50

    LuxePineapple is a great way to get your hands on high end beauty products that you might not otherwise be able to afford. Shipping took about a week, which was fast considering it’s free! They carry a range of designer brands like MAC, Too Faced, Lancome, Clinique, Kiehl’s and Smashbox. They also have Deal of the Days that slash their discount prices even more! Check them out at

    What’s your best kept secret for scoring designer makeup for cheap?



    1. I have never heard of this site, and with free shipping, I’m there. I love to troll for Stila stuff at a discount. Thanks for the tip!

    2. Can’t wait to check out this site – the only designer ‘outlet’ makeup store is a brick and mortar store I’ve seen at outlet malls. I think it’s The Cosmetics Outlet, or something like that.

    3. I like to hit websites for holiday sets after the holidays. They mark them way down to get them out of their hair and I snap them up for a song. That is how I stock up on Stila Smudge Sticks, my all time fave eyeliners. 😀


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