Homemade & Healthy Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

The sun’s a shining, the A/C is blasting and I’ve been craving a lot more ice cream in my life. Of course, I can’t let myself indulge every time I get a sweet tooth, because the sugar would just about do me in.

I’m sure you may have heard of the trick of blending frozen bananas to create an ice cream-esque treat, but I’ve been experimenting with ways to make it a little more interesting.

Learn how to make your own healthy chocolate ice cream at home! | Slashed Beauty

Adding Vega Protein & Greens Chocolate Drink Mix adds a bucket load of nutrients into this sweet snack. With 20g protein and two servings of greens like kale, spinach, broccoli, and alfalfa in each scoop, the cool indulgence turns into a superfood!

I’ve used this powder in smoothies, along with their other flavors, and love that they also work well in this recipe! Watch the video above for the full step-by-step recipe tutorial. Scroll down for the printable version.

Learn how to make your own healthy chocolate ice cream at home! | Slashed Beauty

I used 4 bananas and 1 scoop of powder for this batch, and I found it to be a good ratio for taste. This would create about 3 servings. If you want the full 20g of protein and two servings of greens in one serving without eating the whole batch, I would suggest adding a bit of almond milk to dilute it before putting it back in the freezer to solidify.

You can store leftovers in the freezer, but it will freeze solid. 30 seconds in the microwave will soften it up to just the right consistency.

Have you ever tried making your own ice cream?



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