Get Ready With Me: New ID Photo

    Time to take a new Driver License photo! Since my picture is from when I was 15, I thought I’d take a new photo before renewing it. Maybe you can get some tips for your own ID photo, whether it’s a license or passport picture that lasts a looooong time, or just your school ID that you get every year!
    My main tip with ID photos is to not go too crazy with color or drama. I added lilac as a pop of color and to make my brown eyes stand out in the photo, but held back on my usual dramatic winged liner. I want the picture to be more timeless than anything, because who knows when the next time I’ll re-take it will be! (You don’t have to retake a picture when renewing your license, usually they just use whatever they have on file).
    Also, another tip, I left my hair down because I usually wear it like this and I definitely advise against putting your hair up in an ID photo. It always looks like girls have no hair when they wear it in a ponytail.

    Young Erotic Naughty People- Greg Gibbs
    On!- Greg Gibbs
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