Get Ready with Me: 2014 Grammys Celebration

    Last night, I had the honor of attending the 2014 Grammys Celebration— the official after party of music’s biggest awards show. I had to pack all of my prep into two days since I found out pretty last minute. You can watch my haircut/shopping for a dress vlog here.

    While I’m going to save the event recap for another post, I wanted to show you how I did my makeup and which dress I ended up choosing!

    To see my full makeup routine, watch my Get Ready with Me video:

    I ended up going with the first dress I tried on— the shimmery champagne/rose gold dress from Macy’s. It fit me the best and was the only one I could realistically see myself wearing. I think it was elegant but not too prom-like. Since I went a little bit over budget for the dress (even on sale, it came out to about $70), I wanted to go with accessories I already owned. I had a stunning pair of G by Guess shoes that I had picked up from Goodwill for $7 last year. They’re a half size too small but… they were seven dollars… I also wore a choker necklace that I made myself!

    To match the light and airy look of the dress, I opted for a fresh faced makeup look. Usually for special events, I like to go dark and dramatic but I challenged myself in creating a lighter look while using sparkle to glam it up.

    What you didn’t see in the video is that I also added false lashes in the outer corners for extra flare. They were love & beauty lashes from Forever 21. For my hair, I ran a 1″ curler through the ends.


    I hope you enjoyed my look! I’ll have a post with a run down of the whole night a bit later this week!



    1. OMG, this is just so great. My nephew was at Paul McCartney’s after party (with Jared Leto) and I was so jealous. You look beautiful.


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