FOTD Friday: Bold Lipped Traveler

    Yesterday, I flew into Chicago to spend time with family. Makeup and traveling can be tricky; it’s inevitable that you’ll feel grimy after getting off of a plane, so most opt for skipping makeup on travel days. When I touchdown at my final destination, however, I want to be presentable and feel polished.

    FOTD Friday: Bold Lip
    So for my 6 hour travel day, I kept things light while still making a statement. I created my entire look using NYC products, and the whole face worth of makeup cost less than $12! They’re all carry-on friendly, so I brought them on the plane for touch ups, too.

    FOTD Friday: Bold Lip

    For the Face:

    I started out with the Smooth Skin 5 in 1 BB Creme in Medium. This BB cream contains extremely fine shimmer particles to give the face a radiant glow. While I don’t normally like shimmer in my makeup, the subtle luminous effect is much needed for the dry plane environment that sucks the life out of my skin!

    FOTD Friday: Bold Lip
    To add some dimension to my face, I used the Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in All Over Bronze Glow. If you watch my videos, you know that I’m a big fan of NYC cult favorite: the Sunny bronzer. My biggest complaint with that one was that it’s a bit too warm for me— but I put up with it because I have a hard time finding matte blushes at the drugstore. The Mosaic Face Powder is officially my new fave! It is a matte, cool toned bronzer that is perfect for contouring! This will be repurchased a LOT in my future. I ran this in my cheekbones, on my temples, and a bit under the jawline.

    For the Eyes:

    After curling my lashes, I applied the Big Bold Curl Mascara. It defines, adds length, and holds my curl all day. Watch out for that wand, though. It’s huge!

    FOTD Friday: Bold Lip

    For the Lips:

    To tie the entire look together, I grabbed the Expert Last Lipstick in Forever Fuchsia for a bold lip. If you read my review of this lipstick in the shade Blue Rose, you’ll remember that this is one of my favorite drugstore lipstick lines! The formula is comfortable to wear, long lasting, and super pigmented. Forever Fuchsia really makes a statement and makes me feel glam, even after a long and exhausting flight.

    Do you wear makeup while traveling? What are your go-to in flight products?



    1. I’m a fan of the NYC Expert Last lipsticks – I can’t believe how long they last for $2. I’m surprised you didn’t mention a little misting bottle of Evian.. lol. Actually, I wouldn’t mind trying one of those rosewater or herbal mists after a long flight.

    2. I typically wear minimal makeup on flights. Once I’m off the plane, I head to the bathroom to put on my contacts and add more makeup and whatnot. That greasy and gross feeling when you get off a plane is TERRIBLE!

    3. I have that same lipstick and love it! It’s the perfect bright happy summer shade. I also have a Color Wheel face mosaic powder that I got from the spring collection and it is the perfect blush. I really love NYC cosmetics. I haven’t tried their mascara or foundations yet. They have some nice little eye shadow palettes too. I’ve been reaching for my Jordana mascara the most. I will have to give the NYC brand a try too. I love the prices!

    4. NYC big curl mascara, I like it when I’m just at work. I don’t like wearing my $$$ to work. So I wanted a cheap one to get through work days, never thought I would like it so much


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