Five Fun Fitness Favorites

    With March coming to an end, I’m genuinely interested in how many of you have been sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions? Out of the few goals I set for 2015, one I’ve been really proud of sticking with has been working in more activity into my daily routines. Two years ago, I lost 33 pounds and had pretty radical habit changes in terms of working out and diet. Since then, I started my normal day job, have taken this blog to higher levels than I thought possible, on top of finishing up my last year at college. So even though I eat a hell of a lot better than I did before, my activity had been wayyy down.

    In the past month, I’ve really changed it around and committed to moving more daily. I’ve been feeling stronger and all around healthier without wearing myself out too much. I wanted to share my current fun fitness favorites for those of you who need a little motivation to get back on the horse!

    Five Fun Fitness Favorites  | Slashed Beauty

    1. Blogilates Calendars & Challenges
    Over the years, I’ve turned to Cassey of Blogilates for quick and fun workouts I could do in my apartment that make me feel like I’m really making a difference in my body. This past month was the first time I’ve actually stuck to her workout calendars, though. I completed the New Beginners Calendar, as well as the 30 Day Flat Abs and 30 Day Butt Lift challenges. The calendar has several repeat videos, which was a good gauge as to how much stronger I was becoming with each move becoming easier to complete. This really helped motivate me to keep going, and I felt so proud after finishing the whole thing! These videos are a fun alternative than a gym routine that get you pumped up and, to be honest, sweaty as hell!

    2. Mini Stepper
    I love using mini steppers to get an aerobic workout at home. They’re pretty inexpensive, and compact for small apartments or dorms. I’ll plop it down in front of my desk and use it for about 45 minutes while catching up on my favorite TV Shows. These really make the legs and butt work hard while getting the heart rate up. I like hopping on this when my step count for the day is super low and I want to make up for it while also giving my brain a rest from work. Using it while watching TV makes the time go pretty quickly.

    3. FitBit Flex
    You’ve probably noticed the FitBit on my wrist in all of my recent YouTube videos. Fitness trackers have really taken off in the past year, gaining both acclaim and criticism from the fitness community. My stance: knowledge is power. While seeing how many steps or calories you’ve burned in a day may not be entirely motivating for some people, it will give you the information you need to help adjust your routine so that you can start living a healthier lifestyle. I love feeling the congratulatory buzzes when I hit 10,000 steps in a day. It’s even inspired me to start going on walks during my lunch break at work! You can earn badges based on your progress and challenge friends to turn your daily activity into a game.

    4. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle
    Staying hydrated is such a key factor in overall health and weight loss. During my first health kick, I completely stopped drinking soda and still hardly drink anything but water. Sometimes, it’s nice to switch things up by adding fruit for flavor and health benefits. I’ve been using this water bottle with a built-in fruit diffuser to make lemon water for myself, which helps jump-start the metabolism and aid in digestion. This keeps all the seeds and pulp separate while letting the flavor and nutrients steep into the water. Drinking fruit infused water is a way healthier option than sugary sodas, and creating your own flavor combinations can be tasty fun!

    5. Incredible by Victoria’s Secret Sport Bra
    Having comfortable work out attire is a must when you want working out to become an activity you enjoy. When they’re cute… even better! I’ve got two of the Incredible sports bras from VS, and they are hands down the most comfortable and supportive I’ve ever worn. I picked them both up for $15 each while the store was having a crazy sale, and good thing too, because these things don’t come cheap at $50 a pop. But they really do make me feel supported, and I can forgo an extra layer of clothing since the cups give full coverage and shape. Cute workout clothes give me that extra push to work out and make me feel confident doing it!

    I’d love to hear how your fitness efforts are going in the comments below! Let’s inspire each other to reach our full potential!



    1. I really like Blogilates! Cassey is adorable, and I love that she can squeeze in really impactful workouts in such short amounts of time. I’ve usually just go on her YouTube and pick short workouts to do, but maybe I’ll tackle her Beginner’s Calendar now!


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