February 2014 Beauty Box 5 Review


    I’ve been anxiously awaiting this month’s Beauty Box 5, and it finally came last week! February 2014 marks BB5’s second birthday, and I had high expectations for this box after seeing a couple sneak peeks. Let’s take a look inside, shall we?

    Unboxing & Product Descriptions:

    Product Breakdown:

    rockstar nails

    1. Rockstar Nails Polish & Sprinkles Duo (Full Size, Retail: $14.99 each)

    This is the product that I knew was going to be included in this month’s box and was stoked to receive it. I love the color I got; I think it’s perfect as we transition into spring. It’s going to be interesting testing this out because of my innate clumsiness, but I’ll be sure to bring you a demo video soon… even if it’s just for laughs. Separately, each of these bottles sells for $15, so we’ve more than doubled the money paid for the box with these two products alone.

    2. John Frieda Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Shampoo and Conditioner (Sample Size, Retail: $6.99)
    Meh, packet samples. Does it make it better that they included 2 pairs? Kinda, at least I can take them traveling. Realistically, these are headed to the island of misfit toys… aka my drawer of packet samples.

    3. Every Beauty Makeup Remover Pads (Sample Size, Retail $6.99)
    This is another gem in the box. Sometimes, makeup remover wipes are too harsh for the skin around my eyes, so something like these water-activated pads could be a really suitable alternative. They contain argan oil extract, so I hope they’re moisturizing!


    4. Elizabeth Mott It’s So Big Volumizing Mascara (Sample Size, Retail $19.99)
    I always like receiving mascara samples! The wand on this looks super promising. I like hourglass shaped brushes, because they seem to be able to reach the inner and outer corners pretty well. Just from observations, it doesn’t seem like the formula is clumpy, so I’m looking forward to trying this out.

    5. $10 Gift card to MyNameNecklace.com

    I’m really glad that we got 3 cosmetic items in this month’s box! I’m probably not going to use the gift card, and who knows about the hair samples. The nail duo really takes the cake for this box and makes it completely worth it, though.

    A Beauty Box 5 subscription is only $12 month to month, with discount options if you pay for the service in advance. You can order a subscription and customize your box online at BeautyBox5.com. This is my fifth box and I still look forward to seeing what comes every month. Happy birthday, Beauty Box 5!

    Here’s a sneak peek of what will be inside March’s box… Order before February 28th to receive a full size Makeup Base from Bellapierre Cosmetics!




    1. My box was almost the same, but I would have rather gotten the makeup remover pad you did instead of the Aveeno body wash. I’m with you on the packets, too. I must have a ton of them – only I don’t take them for travel because I’m paranoid about running out or not having it work for my thick, curly hair!

    2. Love the energy in your videos, you know how to make people smile 🙂 I received the same box you did, but haven’t posted my review yet. Especially love the nail polish, it’s such a fun color!

    3. That mascara piques my interest! And that nail polish color is beautiful! But wow, the coordinating bottle of caviar beads with the nail polish is retailed at $15? Yikes! I do hope you’ll do a video or review on the brand, I’ve never heard of this nail polish brand! I would have been unhappy with this box overall, I think.

    4. The nail polish is pretty. I wouldn’t be so excited for the beads… I tried them, I don’t like leaving a trail of little balls all over my house. LOL Shampoo and conditioner packets. Why??? Us girls with long, thick hair aint got time for that! Send us bottles with a decent amount of product, companies. Otherwise, we aren’t going to try your stuff and we aren’t going to buy your stuff. And, guess what, those of us with long, thick hair use a lot of hair stuff and buy a lot of hair stuff. Just saying. 🙂

      • SO TRUE. Sometimes packet samples don’t even contain enough for one use for me, especially with conditioner!!! I literally use a handful of conditioner on myself and I go through it so fast, to the enjoyment of whatever brand I’m buying at the moment 😛


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