AllureBBA: I’m Still in the Game!


    *squeals* I’m so relieved that I’m still in the running for Allure Magazine’s Beauty Blogger of the Year award. The first week was a close call, coming in at 8th place. Same story for last week. That means I’m on track to get eliminated this week :/ But with your help, I’m still competing! Thank you all a million!

    This week, we were asked to show you what our week in beauty is like. The thing is, I do all my beauty (and blog) related stuff on the weekends. During the week, I’m a regular person– at work by 9, I take a break for dinner, then I’m in class til 10pm. So I decided to show you what my weekend in beauty is like.

    As usual, you can vote once per day each day until Friday, May 2nd at 11:59 AM ET. This week by voting, you can win a Samsung Galaxy tablet and another trip to Mexico, so definitely make use of your votes. If I’m not eliminated, I’ll make it to round 4/5 next week!

    Sharing helps me obtain the “Most Buzzworthy” title. This is separate from voting, and gives me a chance to still make the magazine, even if I don’t win. Due to technical difficulties, on FB and Twitter shares count towards this.

    Thank you again a million for helping me get this far. The competition is halfway over and I’m so happy that I’ve got you supporting me, still. Let’s keep it up and rev it up so that I’m not eliminated this week!



    • Vote for me (Miranda Mendoza) HERE so I’m not eliminated!
    • Vote once per day until Friday at 11:59AM ET
    • Sharing straight from the challenge page helps me get in the magazine, too!
    • UPDATE: Pinterest shares no longer count towards Most Buzzworthy title
    • You can win awesome prizes by voting
    • Tell your friends
    • Whatever happens, you’re still the best!




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