$50 Sephora Haul

    It’s crazy to say that I haven’t actually gone beauty product shopping for myself in a while. Especially with my new subscription boxes, I’ve had an influx of products and not enough room to store it all! But alas, I had a $50 gift card to Sephora that was burning a hole through my wallet.

    $50 Sephora Haul

    While splurging on one of the latest palette releases was a tempting move, I didn’t want to just get one big fancy thing with the gift card. Instead, I wanted to try out a variety of products— as much as I could with $50, anyway. Plus, I had my eye one one specific makeup item that I was set on purchasing. Check out my haul video below to see what I got!

    Products Mentioned:

    So maybe my choices seemed boring to some, but I end up feeling too guilty when I pick up makeup that is too similar to what I have sitting in my collection at home. I’m happy with what I walked out with, anyway! I know everything will be put to very good use.

    What would you buy at Sephora with $50?



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