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$1 Dupe? NYX Total Drop Foundation vs. Santee Flawless Liquid Foundation

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April 2, 2018

You all know that I love finding drugstore makeup dupes— products that are more affordable than a high-end counterpart, but work just as well… or sometimes even better!

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Well today, I’m exploring a dupe of a drugstore product itself! A few weeks ago, I tried a bunch of makeup from Shop Miss A, an online dollar store for beauty products and accessories. I came across the Santee Flawless Liquid Foundation, which specifically caught my eye because they reminded me a lot of the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation. The packaging was super similar, with the frosted glass bottle and dropper applicator, I couldn’t imagine how it wasn’t supposed to be a dupe.

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The first main difference I noticed between these two foundations is the consistency. The NYX Total Control Drop Foundation is very liquidy, and will run when dropped onto the skin. This makes it very useful for mixing into other products to either tint moisturizer, add more coverage or adjust shades. The Santee Flawless Liquid Foundation had the texture I’m more familiar with, being more creamy but still lightweight.

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I have used the NYX Drop Foundation a lot for mixing, which the dropper makes it easy to do. On the other hand, it does make actual application directly onto the face a little bit challenging. I usually add a few drops onto my cheek and blend out before it runs too far down my skin, adding more as I go. With the thicker consistency of the Santee foundation, I actually found the dropper to be pretty pointless. I always end up using the side of the applicator to just swipe it onto my skin, then blend out with a sponge. The consistency seems too thick for the dropper— it sort of just splatters out if you actually try using it.

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One layer of each foundation provided very similar coverage results. Adding more layers, the NYX seemed to build a bit better but only slightly. Both cap out at about medium coverage while still looking natural, in my opinion. The NYX foundation dries down to a powder finish while still maintaining a natural glow to it. The Santee foundation has a little more of a sheen to its finish, which I’m totally fine with, but it’s actually advertised to have a matte finish sooooo… lol

After a few hours, the coverage on both sides was holding up pretty well. However, the shine was intensifying on the Santee side. I didn’t feel greasy at all, but I was now sporting a full on dewy look on half my face. I also experienced transferring on both sides when it came to the phone test (watch the video above to see it in action), with slightly less foundation coming off the NYX side.

At the 10 hour mark, both had worn off pretty evenly. Watch the video at the top of the page to see the results. On my combo skin, the NYX side definitely held on a little better over the Santee foundation. It looked slightly more even and less shiny, but not by much. So, while it’s definitely not a dupe, the Santee Flawless Finish Foundation is still a great option if you’re looking for medium coverage with a glow for normal-dry skin… especially just for $1!

As for the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation, I honestly wouldn’t use it again on it’s own. I’m going to be using it to mix into moisturizer or adding coverage to other products… but it didn’t perform as well as my other favorite drugstore foundations. It was lightweight and comfortable, but didn’t give me the long lasting coverage I look for in my everyday products.

Have you tried either drop foundation?

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