Hot Day Makeup Tutorial

    Are you tired of me complaining about the weather yet? Seriously though, any hotter and my car thermometer will be introduced to numbers itโ€™s never seen before! Well, I thought I would channel my frustration into something positive and show you my hot day makeup routine.

    Hot Day Makeup Tutorial

    With my combo skin, sticking to matte products is a must in the heat. I also kept the eyes pretty light while using my lip color as the center of attention (one of my favorite makeup shortcuts).

    Watch the video for the tutorial:

    Products Used:

    This look is pretty quick and painless, and doesnโ€™t make me feel weighed down throughout the day. As I mentioned in the video, if you have dry skin, you should probably swap out one of the matte products for a cream. One lightweight cream blush that lasts all day on me is the e.l.f. HD Cream Blush.

    What are your favorite products to use for the dog days of summer?



    1. love this look! this has actually been my go-to look for work lately. i work in an office but go outside a dozen or more times a day so this type of look makes it easy and fuss-free to constantly go in and out without having to worry about how my makeup is looking. i’ve been swearing by the revlon colorstay makeup lately – i am typically super oily by the end of the (work)day but not with this stuff!! it looks just as good at 5:30 as it did at 7:30 when I put it on!! i do have the rimmel stay matte foundation and i think i’ve only used it once and didn’t really like it. i think i will try to give it another chance tomorrow! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I have a helluva time finding ANY foundation that matches me!! so far the revlon one is the best one I’ve found. I have a Clinique one that I like a lot too but it’s wayyyy too expensive to buy regularly so I only wear it once in a while. I wonder if the Colorstay whipped ones have different tones than the regular liquid ones? I haven’t tried that line yet but I’ve heard good things about it!

    2. I love the suggestion of using your lip color as the center of attention. I did my face, and only mascara on my eyes and red lips today, which worked great for a hot day in the city!

    3. I’ve been trying out the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation and trying out a variety of primers to help improve its wear during the hot days!

    4. I saw you doing kissy faces in the background of the lippie! lol. You are totes adorbz. The only thing I add – and it’s a must for me! – is a finish spray, like ELF, or Urban Decay. I sweat, and it’s not dewy, it’s sweaty. This helps keep my makeup from sliding off my face.


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