7 Tips for Curly Hair Care & My Updated Hair Regimen

    I used to be a flat iron fiend. When I first started straightening my hair in middle school, I would do it every day (without protectant I might add… #cringe) and almost never left the house with my natural curls and waves. Over the past few years, I’ve wanted to get my hair back in shape. I’ve lightened up on the heat styling, haven’t dyed my hair in over three years, and am nourishing it with lots of moisturizing products. As my hair has gotten healthier, I’ve been appreciating my natural hair texture a lot more. Now, I love rocking my curls!

    I feel like I’ve finally gotten into a routine that suits my hair with products that work well for me. For more in depth info about my hair care regimen, watch the video! Or scroll down for bite sized tips on curly hair care to keep it healthy and beautiful.

    Takeaway Tips:

    1. Cut down on washing to prevent your hair from drying out.
    2. Co-washing is great to cleanse curly hair while retaining moisture between shampooing.
    3. Deep condition once a week to restore and revive your hair.
    4. Avoid drying your hair with a terry cloth towel, and opt for a cotton t-shirt to battle frizz.
    5. Finger comb your hair after showering, or use The Wet Brush for gentle detangling. Hair is most fragile when wet, and brushing will often cause a lot of breakage.
    6. Use argan oil to nourish your ends— your natural oils have a hard time reaching them through all the twists and turns of your curls!
    7. Use a light mousse to help keep your curls defined. Avoid heavy styling products that will weigh down your hair and cause buildup.

    Recommended Products:

    Who knows, in another year, I might have a completely new hair regimen! That’s the thing about hair: it has the ability to change. My hair texture has evolved so drastically… so don’t be afraid to switch up your routine if your usual products don’t seem to be cutting it anymore. In the mean time, this routine has helped my hair heal and grow stronger, so I’ll be sticking with it for a while.



    1. My mom has really thick long hair and loves the wet brush, as I gave it to her since she can probably benefit from it more then me.

    2. Great tips! I love your hair. I wish I had embraced my curls when I was younger… of course, I wish there had been the kinds of products available now when I was younger. One I really love that you didn’t mention is curl cream. My absolute fave is Noodle Head from… oh, man, brain fart. It’s an orange pump and you get it at Sally’s. All their packaging is brightly colored with big, funky lettering and interesting names.


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