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by Miranda Mendelson


Start by applying eyeshadow. I began with a blue in my crease, then a light green on my lid,  a darker green between those two, and purple all the way up to the brow.

BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil Palette

What I Used:

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Add some glitter primer to the center of the lid, and tap on green or gold glitter for extra sparkle!

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Create a graphic liner look by starting with a wing, then bringing it up and over your eye crease.

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With black liquid liner, outline the brows and create a flick upward at the front. Fill them in as solid black as you can.

Apply red liquid lipstick in an exaggerated shape. Bring the lipstick taller, wider, and lower than  your natural lip lines to create that signature Joker smile. Then outline it in the black liquid eyeliner.

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Create the crease on the chin and in the lips with the black eyeliner. Then with a white eyeliner, draw on the "highlights" at the edges of the red.

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Finish the look by drawing outlines on the cheeks, nose, jaw and frown lines. Add a white highlight next to the nose outline.


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